This is Why We Have Been Loving Fremont So Long

1031 is your friend…

Told myself I should go to nicer places since it’s easier over the long run. But then I picked up a SFH in Antioch and am doing 10 unit in Oakland :joy:

I like the headaches I guess. Oh well.

Wait, is this my Big Bro???

Not buying it. So, should some owner in Palo Alto be up all night worrying about his/her home value? Heck, no!!!

Not exactly 2M but close enough…

San Francisco is no longer the most expensive Bay Area city to buy a home
Nearly three-quarters of homes sold in August went for more than asking price, according to data from real estate brokerage site Redfin.


Jesus, its amazing how a few stories about best place for families or happiest people will impact the housing market!!! LOL

Seems to have sold at a higher price than April 2022 estimate(which was the highest point).

Only like $600K higher than the All time High estimate, no biggie.

Even my little 2/1, 1000 sq ft place was estimated at $1.6m in April 2022…

No clue what you’re comparing with.

Wait, did you edit your post by adding a K ? :smiley:

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Yes, I reread and saw I forgot the K. slight difference lol

What do you have your Toilets made up of Gold like Mr Trump? :smile:

Gold toilet sounds cold. But a bidet now that is life changing! Got a Costco add-on one and it’s very nice. :laughing:

The people at Redfin are too generous to me.

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Anyways, the point I was making by comparing with April 2022 was the market dropped after April 2022 and this house that I posted sold even higher than that. Doesn’t mean the whole market is back, just that it seems at least some houses have sold higher than April 2022.

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Not bad. @400K over ZEstimate. Zestimate - $1,621,100

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Wow… I personally would not like cars making right turns at night (headlights flash across your rancher windows). Yeah, maybe quiet neighborhood but still…

I am really surprised by how that Northgate neighborhood got so popular last few years. Higher growth than other neighborhood

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Northgate, Ardenwood, and 94536 all 3 are doing good IMO. In fact, some recent numbers in 94539 are astounding and these are $3-$4M sales.

Somebody really liked this property.