Today Market August 2022

ARKK and TSLA are both good indicators of retail investors’ sentiments.

Both are trending up.

Bear hooks or real?

Both camps have strong reasoning and evidences. Invest based on your judgment :slight_smile:

We’re still making new lows in small business confidence.

“In fact, the majority of small business owners (57%) taking part in the CNBC/SurveyMonkey Small Business Survey for Q3 2022 think the recession has already begun, while another 14% predict recession before the end of the year.”

Um, I was in St Louis last week. Bullard should walk around the Federal Reserve building a bit. It looks more like a depression than a recession.

Stock market bottoms when it is clear that we’re in a recession, right?



ECommerce and fintech are back. Over 10% gain :money_mouth_face:

My top three position in speculative high growth portfolio is SHOP COIN RBLX :shushing_face:

ECommerce Crypto Metaverse

Hopefully one of them is a $1T market cap stock :prince:

Market ignores the Peloski visit. Guess market expects nothing substantial will happen just like the 1997 Gingrich visit.

COIN UPST 20%+ :+1: SOFI 30% :+1::+1:

Premium gas price in COSTCO Austin is less than $4 :grinning:


SOFI had a 91% increase in personal loans. People are borrowing to keep up with inflation. That’ll eventually end very badly. Until then, it’s rally on.

I think better metric would be how much money was borrowed. % change may be misleading.

We’re building a ticking debt bomb. Debt hit record levels in 2007 too…That peak was under $13T. It’s a big reason why the downturn was extra brutal. People were so confident they were borrowing like crazy and not saving.

The rise in total household credit was propelled largely by a $250 billion increase in mortgage debt, which now stands at $11.18 trillion, an increase of 10% from the first quarter in 2021.

Mortgages make up 71% of all household debt, a number that has consistently climbed.

Easy, crash the housing market.

Here is my 2 cents.

BTW: I was laughing at the news yesterday when CNBC quotes market went down by Peloski visit !

Many times I have mentioned News/media is not telling the truth to viewers. They do such wrong posts for circulation purpose.

Market goes up and down on its own phase, except temporary fluctuations. However, news/media assigns/attaches very convincing and viewers believe that market is really reacting instantaneously.

This is completely wrong (and ridiculous) in the part of news/media and they never change.

IMHO, investors should not believe any short term news (less than 5 days) as it is very common fluctuations.

If stocks are going up or down based on fundamentals (short term events such as results, or merger, FED mfg. etc), we can trust.

Correct me if I’m wrong, 82% debt is from mortgage and student loan. Most of the mortgage loan is held by not low income earner. So unless there’s a mass layoff why is mortgage debt a ticking bomb? Credit card debt is 5% and even though it has increased YoY, isn’t it correlated with inflation? If the inflation subsides then CC debt would come down right?

Recessions are going to happen from time to time. The more debt people have the worse a job loss will impact them. Then the recession snowballs.

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COIN 30% :+1::+1::+1:

Fintech is kicking butts.

Cybersecurity and data analytics :-1:

Broad market continues to rally.

Cloudfare crushed it.


Too many jobs :scream:

We need people to be unemployed, is good for the economy!
More homeless and criminals would be even better.

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People are working but struggling.