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Including Chinese companies?

No. Just not adding new ones. I have BHP (Australian company) :slight_smile: and NTR (Canadian company).

Trump stole Christmas.

This year, Lindsey Bell, the investment strategist at CFRA Research, says Santa’s visit to Wall Street might be challenging because of the trade-war concerns that have buffeted the market lately. The trade dispute with China is the single most concerning issue facing the market near term and could be a “major roadblock” in Santa’s way, she says. It’s a worry even more important than how fast the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates, she adds.

You sold both, I bought both before it rockets ! You are selling the stock which you need to hold long !!

STNE - this just IPO, profitable, growing for long
TSLA - Turnaround period started, selling at wrong time.

This volatility gave me good lesson - how painful holding is !

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Very painful. You can now feel my anxiety and desperation holding AAPLs through a few 90% and many more 30% declines while reading scary stories that Apple is about to bankrupt or crater, traders’ constant humiliation that buy n hold is holding the bags. Only through baptism of fire can you rise from the ashes :grinning:


If you want to have a portfolio worth many millions, then you need to stay calm when it goes down by a couple.

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Suddenly wu qijun talks philosophically.

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Seems that he lost a couple recently and tries to mitigate the pain through philosophical treatment :rofl:

At least I can afford to lose it as opposed to you… :rofl:

I have four core stocks, TSLA, STNE, TEVA, and AAPL. Rest, I got rid off. I do not worry about the first 3, as the are bottomed in 2018 got it at low price around bottom, but my concern is AAPL alone.

Unlike all other stocks, AAPL looks extremely good with ROIC, but price goes down and down.

Since I plan on holding long, it will eventually come up, but would like to reserve some cash to buy at possible low point which I do not know at what price? With current price (AH $170), the ROIC is 11.25%.

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I’m not sure about TEVA… non-Tech and also dropped so much from the high.

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It’s just speculation, not a factual statement.

Mine is factual.

Not likely given the competition.
In 2009 the consensus was the the GOP would spend 20 years in the wilderness - if it ever came back at all. It took only 2 years for them to take the congress back and 6 more for the Dems to lose everything. Reps picked up 63 Congressional seats in 2010. In the latest election the Dems managed to take back only 35.

After CA-21 finally finishes their counting Dems should be +40.

Demographics has steadily gotten worse for GOP, and Trump’s approval rating never goes above 50%, the first president since modern polling. Unless Dems nominate another weak candidate like Clinton the Dems will have a good chance in 2020.

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Here is why I do not bother about TEVA.

  1. Unlike other investors, WB chooses unknown value stock (WB is famous for it) during turn-around, buy and hold long. This process, Seth Klarmann, calls it market inefficiency. Google “Market inefficiency Hypothesis”. WB did that exactly with BAC and AAPL. He is buy and hold investor.

  2. Here is the trick I did. I bought 4X of stocks and that jumped 25%-28%. Now, sold 3X, got my original invested amount, left the 1X of TEVA, i.e. my profit alone in Market. This is substantial holding like my TSLA. Too good to hold for life. Since this is in retirement account, no taxes deducted on profits. I never bother whether it comes to $1 or 1M, it is good to grow in its own phase.

  3. TEVA is world’s top generic drug seller competing with Mylan (MYL). They made positive result surprises every qtr since Dec 2017 (Nov 2017 Berkshire bought first time) and this quarter they increased yearly outlook. The company has longer growth in future years, that I trust from Berkshire holding.

Demographics are improving for the GOP. The country is aging and will continue to age for a couple decades more. Older people vote more conservative and vote more reliably than younger people. And when the Dems win these days the margins are razor thin.

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You need to lay-off the Fox new misinformation channel

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I hope you sold your GM stock. Instead of hiring new workers like Trump said they would they laid off 15,000 workers.

You need to lay off NBC. They’re completely ignoring 2010.

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