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Let him be @sheriff. All he’s doing is exposing himself. Entertainment for all.


It sure is entertainment looking at people struggling to build a competent investment portfolio.


Beat him! Get his number and double it




All this portfolio talk is laughable. When he was my age he was probably at a similar level as me. I could care less about his; wish he could stop caring so much about mine.


Caring :roll_eyes: 打情骂俏 :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Not in a million years. Just flagged your post :roll_eyes:


Several reasons for low labor participation.
Boomers the biggest generation, ever, are retiring
Lot more rich people than ever…tending investments instead of working
Age discrimination… Boomers aren’t wanted in the work force
Job snobbery… lots of millienials would rather not work than do manual labor.
7 million jobs have no takers.


You are right. You are still young and have time to catch up. But unfortunately you’ve been doing it wrong. That’s why you need to 拜我為師 so I can show you the way :slight_smile:


How do they count people driving Uber part time? Technically they are not employed and they sure aren’t looking for jobs either.


There is a category for part-time. I don’t use it a lost, but almost every drive I’ve had was doing it as a second job for extra money.


Google is keeping Apple company.


I just sold all my stocks, mortgaged my house and shorted PGandE. A finance guy once told me if you short a stock and it goes bankrupt, you never have to buy it back so there are no capital gains…

just kidding, but that would be the ultimate “balls of steel” play… or like wuqijun would say “nah, what I do every day before breakfast” :rofl:


Didn’t realize that. PG&E might actually go bankrupt. Don’t worry, sold all when it did a DCB. Should have switch to a short position :slight_smile: Not in my DNA :cry: to short.


I am not sure it is “legal”… but technically, if you never buy it back, you never realize any gains… the stock just stops existing… I think… maybe if they come back someday with the same stock symbol you could get in trouble?


Hope you are kidding because those are seriously disastrous moves…


what are you afraid of man? you bought Tesla at 0.00001 and Apple at 0.000000001… and you have a HUGE portfolio!!! I thought you were brave??? come on, join me!!!:rofl:


I don’t join lemmings jumping off a cliff.


Any ROKU owner? 25% !


If there were any, they probably didn’t own enough of it to make a difference. Any Roku employees?