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well, this is escalating quickly!?

Giant California utility PG&E facing wildfire claims explores possible bankruptcy, sources say


PG&E market cap is only $9B. It seems a good idea to let it bankrupt but make sure people can still have electricity and gas to use.

It’s better to screw a small number of small dollar amount shareholders instead of screwing millions of customers


I own 1 share in Robinhood for tracking it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


PGE has made bad decisions my whole life. From Diablo Canyon to Enron to the fires. A crappy company that I actually worked for… 40 years ago. Their rates are double that of Liberty Energy in Tahoe.





Liquidity risk is scary.


These people are one trick ponies. They did one thing right in their entire lives and people worship them like they are Einstein. No, we won’t see another financial meltdown for another 30 years. For God’s sake people are still looking for the second dot com bust.


He’s not saying the same cause as the last one.


Are there many tricks ponies?


I’m not a pony but I do have many tricks :rofl:


So green. My eyes are hurting. Essentially short squeeze because of possible thawing of tariff tensions. If true, market would then re-focus on economy soon. Economy is very good according to marcus and Jil. I am clueless about economy since I don’t monitor.

Many cliche" are BS. Most entities are 1-trick ponies.


Just look at chart of S&P500, that is enough for market.

Market was oversold Dec end and recovering now. This may retest around SP500 appx 2600 and keep going after results period until FED puts another 0.25% March.

No matter whatever they speculate, two more rate hikes Mar and Jun are there - assume.

The real economic issues creep up after two rate hikes.


Essentially a game of chicken. Whoever got intimidated and bailed out stand to lose his lunch.


Stocks to rebound 15% this year, and now’s the time to buy: Blackstone

Zidle has been advising clients to put money to work over the past several weeks as volatility gripped the market — singling out cyclical groups such as materials, industrials, technology and energy.


It’s great that the fed finally realizes there’s low inflation, and they don’t need to raise rates. It makes it seem like the only reason they were raising rates was to create room to cut them in a future recession.

“The Fed minutes pointed to a backdrop of low inflation in the U.S., meaning the central bank can “afford to be patient about further policy firming.” They also indicated that some Fed officials think a “relatively limited amount” of rate hikes may be coming.”

“All the minutes are doing is confirming what they had already hinted at,” said Larry McDonald, editor of The Bear Traps Report. “The Fed speak before the minutes was like a fire hose to calm down the markets.”


@hanera are you still expecting a retest of the most recent low? During the low, most everything went down in unison. Part of me wants to be greedy and sell and rebuy.


Re-test recent? It will happen if can’t clear 50-day SMA.


Bed and bath jumped 16%-20% after hours


This is technical analysis result, pure history tracking
S&P500 and Nasdaq has reached 14 days high yesterday.