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Fed member says party on!


Rise from the dead:



Zombie attack! :woman_zombie:


That’s crazy to average 30% after midterms.


Tech is back.
SQ is up so much?


Because people are once again hopeful the stupid trade war would end soon.


Why not? Don’t think Trump and Xi want to drag on. From what I observe casually, Trump wants quick win by dramatizing issue and move on. Xi is giving what he wants.


Trump is surrounded by crazy people itching for fights. And he has a weak mind.


The Bernie Warren progressives want a trade war too. Looks bad for stocks long term.


Bernie is not even a Democrat. Looks like his prospect has dimmed quite a bit since 2016. I don’t see him run again.

Warren is actually not that popular in the left. Her margin in MA last year was worse than Hillary’s back in 2016.


SQ shot back above 200-day in good volume.


Also pretty amazing TSMC is actually up today after their disappointing earnings. Semiconductors refuse to go down more after supposedly bad news.



Bottomed. Market looks ahead 3-6 months. It means Market expects things to get better in 3-6 months.


So you think a middle of the road Clinton Democrat will win? Even Schumer is for tarrifs


Harris is pretty middle of the road. Does she count?


NShe is a class warfare communist. Trump will beat her in a New York minute

I was thinking Sherrod Brown. Mid western… could get Trump Democrats

I don’t think a Californian can win national elections


The nation is turning left. I linked to an article an year or two ago. Trump is the right’s carter. He will end the Reagan orthodoxy that has defined American politics since 1982.

Now the new orthodoxy even has a name: Green New Deal.


You underestimate the National hatred of the left coast. Pretty much got even Trump elected. All a candidate has to do is run against Pelosi and SF commies


It’s actually consumer greed. Corporate profits are within a pretty small range over multiple decades. They go overseas to lower cost, because customers continually want lower prices. Customers value lower prices, and businesses react to that customer preference.

Amazon is based on 3 tenets that won’t change:

  1. Lower price
  2. Faster delivery
  3. More selection

Customers will literally never want the opposite. They aren’t going to tell you that they wish you didn’t have the product they want. They aren’t going to say they wish you charged more or delivered it slower.


Expected a correction but prices drop sharper than I thought.

Dow falls 400 points on weak economic outlook and China trade concerns

  • The global economy’s long rebound could be nearing its end.
  • Existing home sales in the United States had their worst month in more than three years.
  • China’s economy grew at its lowest pace in almost three decades.
  • And the International Monetary Fund warned that trade spats threaten to make slowing global economic growth even slower.
  • A report that the Trump administration turned down China’s offer for preparatory trade talks dragged stocks even lower.