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Didn’t buy yesterday, follow you today instead. Green now :slight_smile:

Don’t think so. Google tries to be MSFT of mobile, wrong strategy, should have focused on web. Its folly allow AMZN and then MSFT to be king and lord of cloud computing. Is making the same mistake as Balmer MSFT. Is possible if they didn’t mess with mobile, could be a $2T company now, yes higher market cap than AMA. For great return, should buy one of those SAH/ WFH cloud stocks - A few of them could be $1T - better bang for the dollar.

Meanwhile in RE… Tahoe market is off the charts. One house near me just sold for $2m and was torn down. One on my street is pending at $3.3m. I only paid $1.1m three years ago.
I have had two unsolicited offers this week alone.

I have had over 30 calls on one of my 2 bd units for $1400/m. Rented a studio in one day at $900/m

Over 40 calls on my farm house at $3000/m
Tenants making up to $180k interested.
The massive city exodus is in full swing.

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Strawberry and Pine are the same way. Stuff is moving like hotcakes - even total remodels which have been sitting for years. Don’t know whether it’s folks wanting a “beta site” after the riots in the Phoenix area or low interest rates or what.

Yesterday, when I saw TQQQ positive, I did not like to buy positive one, but went for UPRO 80%, today since TQQQ and UPRO were negative, I just went to TQQQ.

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Lol, people have said that for a decade yet over 90% of revenue is ads. The others are just hobbies or research projects. Google doesn’t understand building businesses. I think the total investment in Nest is higher than the revenue.

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Hobbies, waste of time. Do not forget google is started by researchers, by their great algorithm, made them billionaires suddenly.

Same way, Elon musk was spending lot of money in research and infrastructure, which suddenly topples everything.

Companies like google doing research, such waymo, turns positive overnight. They are all hidden opportunities.

I use lot of google products, such as google cloud storage, nest cameras, waze, google home max…etc, their quality is too good.

Except Android OS (mainly java based), I like lot of google products for quality and reliability. The company will sure grow with their consumer products.


I use none.

WAZE - not developed in-house. bot best-in-breed
NEST - not developed in-house. bot best-in-breed
Despite many PhDs and highly paid, can’t invent a thing, other than the original search algorithm.

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It is not an easy task to make one break through.

Despite many PhDs and highly paid, can’t invent a thing, other than the original search algorithm. => One great invention is enough to make a break through !

Remember QCOM: Mobile Chip, Google on search engine, TSLA on EV…

WAZE - not developed in-house. bot best-in-breed & NEST - not developed in-house. bot best-in-breed => Once companies are grown up to certain level, it is easy to take over rather than re-inventing the wheel.

See TSLA is also growing and took over Maxwell now rather than going for in house.

I use none. => I understand you are an Apple boy!

But one thing sure, google is challenger to many companies, either cloud, phone, search or any other products.

How much revenue does google get from all those products you use?

I don’t think they have a monetization strategy for Waymo. Are they going to run their own Uber style service which would take billions and billions of capital to buy all the vehicles? Are they going to sell the tech to car companies who can integrate into their own car models? Are they going to manufacture cars themselves with the tech and sell them? Are they going to sell it as an add-on to existing car owners? They literally have no plan or strategy to monetize it. It’s just a research project.

Amazon builds actual businesses. Even if they lose money at first, there are clear revenue targets. They also have operational plans for how and when profitability will be achieved. I worked for a business that lost hundreds of millions a year. However, we knew exactly what our unit economics were, and we had tech and operational efficiency goals that would lead to profitability. Once unit economics are profitable, then marketing is turned on to accelerate growth.

It seems most companies only focus on the revenue growth. Growing faster when unit economics are bad just makes you burn cash faster (aka Uber). There’s zero plan to improve unit economics, since they can’t increase prices without hurting demand. They can’t pay drivers less without having them quit. Uber is worth tens if billions as a structurally unprofitable company that is hopeless without self-driving cars which are still years away. Every arrogant SV person working at self-driving startups thought they could solve self-driving cars in a couple years. We’ve all seen the results.

Good questions, but the investors must analyze these answers for it. I do not own google too.

I do not look deep into google, but their quality and infrastructure are excellent. This is my last update on google topic, I am not going into endless discussion on this subject as this is investors headache to analyze properly.

They have google maps(high quality), waze (high quality), waymo, phone…etc all infrastructure available.

After your question, just scanned internet that shows WAYMO project was valued at 175 B level by Mongan Stanley. They started 10+ years before. UBER has even implemented google code (lawsuit was there with ex-google employee at dir level).


My problem now is buy too few TQQQ :sob:

FOMO ! Wait for next red !! :smile:

See today someone posted like this

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It is better than Apple maps. I like it and it does give a better routing to avoid congestion.

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Below is what @manch favorite guru think of GOOG and FB,

  • “Big Tech’s long term success is no longer about better products,” Palihapitiya said. “They are incumbents and their success is now a multi-variate/multi-dimensional problem of competition, anti-trust, tax and regulatory multiplied by EVERY city, state, country and jurisdiction in which the operate.”

  • “The most basic encapsulation is that $FB and $GOOG threaten to disrupt the business model of allocating and distributing political power,” Palihapitiya said.

Their growth will probably slow but going short? That seems crazy with zero percent rates and all the stimulus floating around.

I can quote many bullish posts like this too (endless debate - waste of time).

I just read the story from wsj today how Chromebook (60% market) is superseding Apple mac in K-12 market

As I said already, I do not own even a single stock of GOOGL, not done extensive research about google and not interested any more updates here except saying “GOOGL is not an easy company to ignore”, they have lot of potential to growth and formidable competitor to AAPL, AMZN, MSFT and TSLA.

It is up to the individual investor to look at pros and cons and decide about their investment.

Given a chance, when market dips, I will buy more from these five companies AAPL, AMZN, MSFT, GOOGL and TSLA. I will wait for years to buy them at dipped time.

“ Google’s “other revenue,” which includes hardware like its Pixel phones and cloud products, came in at $5.26 billion, compared to booking $6.43 billion last quarter and $6.48 billion in last year’s Q4.”

From Q419 earnings release, so it’s pre-Covid impact. Hardware and other revenue declined sequentially and YoY.

Google has a pretty bad history with hardware. They’ve tried to acquire hardware companies. The results range from epic failure to clear under achievement. They still view hardware as a way to control and serve ads to people. The irony that Google’s revenue per iOS user is higher than per android user is insane.

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Same f… story repeated ad nauseam. Unit sale of Android phones also Trump iPhones :nerd_face: Wait for the encore…

Even as Google dominates the classroom, teens are typically more likely to buy an iPhone and a MacBook than a Pixel and a Chromebook.

Schools are on a budget :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Even though teens love Apple products…

Still, Topete yearns for a MacBook. “The truth is, all of us prefer Apple technology because of its advanced features and more user-friendly layout, but not everyone can afford one,” she said.

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Look like a big day :man_dancing: Futures up big. Expect to open up, would it last?