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I need to exchange 2000 UPROs for 1000 TQQQs, UPRO keeps lagging :smiling_imp: TQQQ.

TQQQ is jumping by TSLA as it is nasdaq100 list !

Any way, it is up to you to decide what to do as both are trading stocks, not a buy and hold ETFs !!

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Fast reversal to the downside! Not only no more green, RED, deep red.

Broad based decline??? Previously is traditional up, SAH/ WFH down; then traditional down, SAH/ WFH down. Today is ALL red.

End of bull run?

Stocks give up gains, S&P 500 turns negative

Investors rushing out of the door at the same time.

It’s sector rotation. Most sectors are green. Only tech and consumer discretionary are red. Financials, industrials, and materials being green shows optimism for the economy.

It might be a chance for people to buy some tech stocks on the dip.

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Now consumer discretionary is positive and tech losses are shrinking.

All volatility are created by big brothers in the market…

JPMorgan’s corporate and investment bank posted a 66% surge in revenue, with its trading division up 79%. The bank’s fixed-income trading unit recorded $7.34 billion in revenue, double from a year ago, and equities trading posted $2.38 billion in revenue, up 38%.

From Citi-bank results: The corporate and investment bank was powered by a surging trading business, where revenue rose 55%. Its fixed-income trading operation posted $5.6 billion in revenue, up 68%.


All I know is my TQQQ is changing from green to red to green now. Averaging down :slight_smile: otherwise still red.

“We simply never believed ‘what happens in China stays in China,’” Singh wrote in a letter to investors last week that was seen by Reuters. “Trump talking down COVID-19 risk gave investors an incredible gift — it kept markets resilient much longer than they should have, and enabled us to ensure our portfolio was sensibly positioned.”
Singh said he was able to “bulk up” some hedges early in the year by “adding some volatility protection.” That weighed on “performance in January and early February, but has helped ever since.”

IOW, Singh escaped the huge decline from mid Feb and scooped up stocks cheap in late Mar.

Remember I told that “You can not trade the way I do and I can hold the way you do”, we are in opposite extremes.

TQQQ and UPRO are not buy/hold, they are meant for pure trading !

IMO, you are good at your own analysis of buy and hold stocks like AAPL or TSLA.

Reading this post, thought you hint to me to sell. So I close all position at a big loss. Now market is UP again. :sob:

I know this is very sensitive issue and I know my limitations.
I am not hinting or providing (directly or indirectly) any help in public (for any one) forum at all.

Many times I have said that ,participation in this forum, it is for discussion purpose, and not to be used for financial or stock advice.

I would enjoy Tahoe so much more if the food there was good. All the restaurants are meh and some way overpriced for what you get…

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I also thought Tahoe should have better restaurants. What’s wrong? Maybe the millionaires there have some secret places they are hiding from us?

Goldman Sachs sentiment check. Average is about neutral, in line with the CNN F&G gauge.

I also feel that the market still has some legs. The F&G was fluctuating wildly. Yesterday it dropped 10 points within the trading session. And today it’s back above 60. People are nervous and very ready to sell. They are reluctant bulls. Very few committed greedy bulls it seems.

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There are 200 restaurants in and around SLT.
The casinos are marginal and overpriced.
Plenty of tourists at Stateline restaurants but we rarely go to them.

Evan is a friend of mine. Evans is the best restaurant in Tahoe, we bring our own wine… makes it very affordable.
We also like Burger lounge, Margaritas ( used to be the Cantina owned by Evan and Candice)
Sonneys, SCUSA’s, Primos, Mai Thai, Orchids, Samurai, Blue Dog pizza, lotus Pho, and Jaliscos taqueria. The Beacon and the Boathouse also have good reasonably priced waterside dining. Riva Grill is overpriced

There are a few others, but we don’t go to the east side of town often… too many tourists.
We heard Toast is good, and Capisce is good in Nevada. Also the Chart House for happy hour. Edgewood is top notch but pricey.

Yeah I’ve been to a lot of those - they are all just mediocre IMO. The only one I enjoy going to is Himmel Haus.

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Banks are creating volatility !

Goldman’s Traders, Bankers Keep Profit Steady
Trading revenue nearly doubled during a volatile stretch for markets; shares jump

Trading revenue nearly doubled from a year ago. Volatile markets are Goldman’s specialty, and a playground the firm hasn’t seen in nearly a decade. Revenue was 149% higher than the same period last year in fixed income trading, a more opaque business where better risk models and sharper noses make a difference during a turbulent market.

Goldman’s investment bankers had one of their best quarters ever as companies rushed to sell stock and debt to the public to shore up their finances.