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Bay area only: I am actually helping (just free service) few friends find a good location primary homes and they may buy sometime in 2019. Only issue is limited funds, less than 800k, may be Condo or Town homes.

Personally, I am constantly watching homes, but not aggressive as I may not get mortgage.


Telling us you have $1M cash standby?


Real Estate is attractive with fixed mortgage hold long. I want some banks to fund me, too much greedy, but safe leverage :joy:


Nobody has that. It’s all mumble jumble about stocks, dividends, blah, blah, blah.

When I read or see anybody above my age still stuck in the stock market or responding to calls in the middle of the night about a leak in the kitchen, or the water disposal not working, I know that person won’t live happier, he or she won’t enjoy his last years because of the fear of losing what he should have all secured and ready to live La Vida Loca!

Don’t wait! Go and enjoy your last years with money you have around. You will kick the can, guess who is going to enjoy that wealth? The other………:sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Me? Give me $500K cash right now, I am gone!

Which we can get by selling our home, free and clear. :wink:

Our kids? They will be on their own. Life is tough, so why making them weak?:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:




Micron just met analysts expectations!


Market as usual tanked MU to $31 (9% appx)


Any holders of KHC? It provides 5.4% yield, down 42% from peak, 27% BRK holding ?


Who wants to start some short positions? There are a lot of bearish charts that show no signs of bottoming.


No way. Market is more like in a trough.


Two types of bottoming. Down sharply with a capitulation or down down down till volume dried.


This will go down and has to come up normally. Even if FED stopped raising rates, Market will sink

First time, I buy SPY put and SPY short, let me see what happens !


This is getting ugly. I did some hedging with XLE, XLF, XLI, and XLY puts. They are up 43-97% and that’s not enough to offset the losses on stocks. It might be time to go net short.


At the bottom of the trough and you are going short? Good luck with that…


There hasn’t been capitulation yet and the yield curve is getting closer and closer to inverting.


Nasdaq100 Officially touched down 20% In Bear Market,(20%=6500), then little recovered.


Manch capitulated :smile:


It’s a @harriet kind of Santa Claus rally. Lots of stocks are heading to 52-week lows.


Harriet is too young to have tasted any bitterness. She thinks recession is a shopping spree… :smile:


You guys should treat it like a shopping spree too - no pain no gain. Add more :dancing_women: