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Nike surging after hours. I thought the kneeler commercial will destroy their sales? :smile:


Moral of the Nike story is: you can piss off the conservatives all you want without much commercial consequences. But if you messed with the left like Facebook did, you got punished endlessly. Facebook shares would have been trading at $300 if Hillary was elected instead. Nobody would have cared about fake news and such.


What does it mean?


Market remains solidly green :star_struck:



Nike is doing super.
Thanks to the idiots burning his shoes. Now they go rapidly to see what’s on sale. :laughing:

unfortunately, there’s panic on the stock market. There’s nothing they can grasp to sell the fake agenda of everything is OK.

Lots of people looking for a way out from their 401Ks.

This morning, strangely enough, my mail carrier agreed to rollover his $300K 401K. He lost $25K this month.


Scanning 13-week high and 13-week low stocks, I don’t like it. It’s all defensive stuff hitting highs, and everything else is hitting lows. I noticed Spotify hit a 52-week low.





You don’t believe in Santa anymore?


Christmas day is over. You mean got 15 days?
I don’t understand gweilo.


Praying for January bounce?


Now then you said. I sold all. STFR.

On December 25, during an interaction with reporters, President Trump said, “We have companies—the greatest in the world, and they’re doing really well,” President Trump also said, “They have record kinds of numbers. So I think it’s a tremendous opportunity to buy. Really a great opportunity to buy.”



if I were a handicapper in Vegas:

today’s DOW close odds
up >500 points 1:10
up 250-500 1:3
up 0-250 1:1.5
down 0-250 1:3
down >250 1:10

Happy new year to all!


You are senile and lost touch with your former acumen.


Market shot up because trump is out of the country and not saying nonsense. See how easy it is? :smile:


Holy smokes! Impressive. This is more volatile than my wife “the week before”


Who has a 6 digit gain in their stock portfolio today?



No need to hint, just brag your number.



Could be a dead cat bounce. Might see lower lows before heading back higher again. But at least the descent has paused so is an important step towards recovery.


Futures negative. I think it may be more fruitful to look at EM now. There’s more catchup growth potential there.


Go buy some 10c and baba then.