Today’s Market January 2023

Free fall :disappointed_relieved:
Bad start.

Have faith and BTFD.

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Cash is king. Sit and wait. What would Fed do in Feb FOMC set the direction of the stock and RE market.

0.5% - Bloodbath
0.25% - Sideways
0% - Roaring 20s

Since I have tons of stocks and RE, I feel the right decision for me is to just sit and let cash buildup till Fed pivot.

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Mauro shares the same optimism as @marcus335


3rd year of a first term president is bullish historically. Hopefully the pattern holds for 2023.


If 2mrw CPI is 6.6% or less, more or less can confirm Oct last year is the start of a new bull market.

Market is so green, info leak ?

People seem to always know before the official numbers are out.

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Gap down?

New stonks? Goodbye GME.

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Semis had a good day.

Facebook quietly went up 56% in 2 months. All the news headlines cheering for Meta’s demise seemed premature.

USD weakens against Singapore Dollar by 10% from recent peak. Didn’t check other forex currencies, if also weaken, good for exporting companies such as AAPL and TSLA

Dow down and NASDAQ is up today. Risk on is really becoming the trade.

Looks like everybody is expecting a pullback this week or next: Knox, Mauro, Faceripper’s TA guy, and many other randos on Twitter.

I don’t recall ever seeing a pullback so eagerly expected. My guess is we will indeed see a pullback but it may be on the milder side because everyone is expecting it.

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Pull back started. What is the definition of mild?

Top 10 biggest market companies. No more Tesla and no more Facebook. Nvidia cracks the top 10 list.

Pretty sure Facebook will come back. Less sure about Tesla.

Bitcoin is now up 30% since Jim Cramer said it was a good time to get out just 11 days ago.

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That pullback from last week was exceptionally mild. Was that it? Hard to even call it a pullback.

On the flip side maybe fewer people are expecting one right now, so the real pullback can begin?


Microsoft earnings. Stock up 4% after hour before conference call.

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