Today’s Market November 2023

Magnificent Seven :+1:
Growth stocks :-1:

AirBnB is garbage. We tried not to stay in AirBnB as much as possible. Why do we have to clean up after ourselves AND pay some ridiculous cleaning fee?



PM is good. Tom Lee may be a broken clock that is right this time.

i don’t understand Roku business model. its just HW right?

Roku’s HW is mostly just a loss leader I believe. It makes most of its money from ads. The ads that they run on their own Roku channel, and ads on other channels that participate in their ad network.

I like Roku because it’s increasingly the OS of connected TV. They are often the first thing a TV viewer interacts with when they turn on their TV. Roku knows a ton about these viewers.

Darn. Roku up 31% today.

BILL down 30% after hour.

Starting to think most fintechs are just scams. No tech in there whatsoever.

There aren’t many business models you understand.



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AFRM 90% drawdown from peak:

SOFI 70% down:


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FANGMANT outperforms other stocks.

Megacap has the cash, talents and infrastructure to do expensive R&D. Leadership in modern corporate are well read and understood the minefields.

More likely just a growth vs value tradeoff in the current rate environment. When rate comes down again, and they will eventually, growth will outperform.


That’s what everybody say. We’ll see.

Make sure your growth stocks will be around for the “when” to happen and not become insolvent before that. Not cursing your stocks… I am not confident mine would be around too.

Market strong… exceptions are small caps, crypto-related and EV stocks…

Screen Shot 2023-11-07 at 9.51.51 AM

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I sold my DDOG for a loss not long ago. Screw up big times :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

same…sold too early but in my case for a small profit…boohoo