Today’s Market October 2021

Will this crash the market on Monday?

Biden’s top trade advisor will say China isn’t complying with phase 1 deal reached under Trump, according to sources

Why should this have any impact on market?

Trade war is not supposed to be good for business. Remember December 2018? Anyway this time may be different. We are kinda used to trade wars now.

Seasonal pattern.

October is historically highly volatile. It can be the best, or the worst.

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There will be no correction according to @manch. Unfortunately, his favorite robot brought down the tech sector. A few green e.g. RBLX :+1: and TSLA :smirk: Ofc SPXU SQQQ VIX

Crypto and high growth are roaring while indices are declining. FANGMANT is not in vogue. Let’s go.


bought some FB! I think the outage showed how much of the world is built on FB products (Insta, WhatsApp, FB)


This will be a good bear market strategy if and when it starts.


Didn’t buy any shares. Short 1 put to collect some free cash :slight_smile:

Bought everything at today’s low (FNGU, UPRO, TQQQ, etc) as well as SPY calls. It might have one more dip in which case, it’s probably a good time to go all in and possibly on a full margin. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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I also didn’t buy any TQQQs, just short 1 put to collect free cash.

I bought and sold FNGU the last time you recommended. Small position of course.
I missed the dip this morning …grrrrr.

Yep, last time was a nice 13-15% chunk of profit for me. It might not be as simple this time around but we will see.I’m up about 6% now but I might keep it longer and keep on adding on dips. I usually trade these in large chunks so who knows how much patience I will have. :man_shrugging:

Saw a tweet from a e-commerce platform person saying their non-Amazon sales plunged 27% during Facebook outage. People have no idea how strong a funnel FB is.


Netflix closed at new ATH. Nobody is talking about it though. Market is still too bearish, which makes it bullish.


Started low and finished strong for the first time in a while. It might be a sign of bottom.


Actually 2nd time.