Today’s Market October 2021

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Face ripper said not so fast.


Face ripper has been reading Panda blog :scream:

I love listening to this guy analyze daily sentiment / trading. He was pretty bullish last few days but now he’s turning bearish due to a consistent large sells. :thinking: Maybe I sell on a pop tomorrow and just stay quiet. It’s up a decent amount in the future market so everything will likely open green.

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Monster rip day! Sold more than half of all calls since more than 2x. Riding the ETFs for now.

Update: Sold 70% of leveraged etfs and some gbtc. Don’t trust this market at all. :thinking:


Playing safe? Anyhoo, I have closed all short puts (TQQQ) and long calls (SPY) before I went to Costco. Small sums only… for giggle. Not as aggressive as you so calls gain only about 80%.

Yep. Playing too aggressive especially on a downtrend and technical wedge breakdown is a dangerous game. I’m still on BTFD and STFR mode.

Joe sees year end rally.

There’s an old saying that the market tends to fool the majority. Right now, many market participants have one foot out the door. Several sentiment surveys continue to show that investors are holding high levels of cash and are consistently buying puts on every drop. From a contrarian point of view, this consistent fear keeps the market from seeing aggressive follow through selling.


I have been shorting puts. Sometimes is good to be ignorant of what others did.

Against my better judgment, I did buy some call on SPXU (3x bear) for tomorrow and a week out near top today. Small fun position for now. Should’ve gone in bigger. Already up 50%. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Selling is still strong on rips and I think for now, HF traders are just playing the game of up/down, etc.

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Knox in summary:


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Earnings season is upon us. Banks on the lineup next week.

What happened? Nobody care about a roaring stock market?

Check out SE DDOG CRWD MQ.

That’s super bullish! Sentiment is still bearish and Panda is doing his best trying to scare naive people.

his twitter commenters have turned bearish on his posts instead of market!

Also interesting is that CPI had a higher print today than expected but tech just ripped higher. I was told inflation hurts tech? Apparently people just made up reasons after the fact. I already saw some pundits claiming tech has pricing power and they can transfer the higher costs to customers.

So which way is it?



Big techs like AAPL have pricing power while no earnings stocks don’t have. Wait… nvm. f… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: I learn all the wrong theories from my econ professors.

DDOG breaking out. cc @druid

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Bitcoin broke out of its handle last week in the cup-n-handle pattern.