Today's Market 1/3-9

Bearish divergence?

Bears are going extinct.

A big end-of-year rally is bullish.

SPAC fever has driven IPO activity to level last seen in dot-com days.

New insight? The old one is first week of Jan determines the direction of the year.

Bearish divergence. Notice the same bearish divergence from mid-Jan to early Feb, and Aug.

Slightly less euphoric:


Saw this good Twitter thread on the dot-com bubble. Here are some lessons.

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Pretty clear is a bubble. When is the right time to long puts? I bot some SQQQs recently and closed them again seeing that the bull didn’t seem to want to die.

Because the “fundamentals”, which was just a snapshot, that was made known to public is up to 3 months late. Those in the know already knew. You’re a businessman, you know that any slowdown in your business is reflected few months ahead, it won’t suddenly become bad today when yesterday is great. Btw, this is why monitoring whether there is bearish divergence is important, those in the know would have started selling.

Nobody can time the market perfectly. Just dance as long as the music is still playing…

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Hah, I wanted to comment on crypto stuff from last week but it was closed.

I sold DOGE over the weekend pretty close to high and went all in on Ethereum instead. Looks like that will carry the momentum for a while (already up like 25%+) until I switch back to DOGE or Bitcoin or whatever other coin is hot. Love Crypto and 24/7 trading right now. I don’t know how long the party will last but I wouldn’t be surprised if Bitcoin hits 100k this year. The party will end when the stock market crash and/or the Fed decide to raise the rates and stop QE. Until then, gold, silver and bitcoin will be throwing parties all year long IMO. :money_mouth_face:

Bitcoin market cap about to surpass TSLA.

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Gold, silver and bitcoin futures are partying like inflation will skyrocket tonight. Bitcoin future actually halted trading for a bit after 15% gap up.

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Two of the biggest frauds in history.
I know WU would rather count his money than spend it. But if I were him I will sell half and spend it.
Famous quote from WC Fields

“I spent my money on gambling, booze and women … the rest I wasted. “