Today's Market 2/28-3/6

This week’s earnings calendar:

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UST 10yr yield now above S&P500 dividend yield.

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Will 50 day hold?

One final dip towards lower Bollinger band on Monday.

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No, they keep heading down there. No longer meaningful support. No real clue though.

Bitcoin crashing.


Was inevitable. I bet pot EV AV and all the millennials favorites have a rough week. I follow a crypto blog. Looks like they enjoy loosing money. They are looking for bargains.

I sold most near top but I’m hoping it goes down to 30k. Looks like it might stop around 38-40k from most TA stuff I’ve seen. We are in the first dip of bitcoin halving rally. I’ll BTFD and sell at 150k. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Master Wu pushing the market up?


Isn’t he your distant relative?

I only know our own Master Wu @wuqijun.


I should have known is him :woozy_face:

Looks to me, market turned up side. Still do not know anything can happen tomorrow. If closes way positive, then completely turned ! Let us see…

For me, finding the bottom is real issue, very hard to judge/predict !

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Is what I am trying to figure out.

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Master WU is in sync with what I feel for tomorrow…

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IF we get a monster payroll print and the bond market freaks out we may see 10Y pushes up to the 3’s. That would crash the market per Master Wu’s prediction.


Finally you’re thinking. No need to add IF and AND.

He uses a combo of macro data + TA + EW.

Are you member of Team Wu now? Fully onboard with his predictions? Need to tag your post in that case.