Today's Market 3/28-4/3

Light week for earnings.

April has been the most bullish month historically. Let’s see if it holds this year.


Past 3 months, a net 29 days have seen stocks fall during the last hour of trading.

Buybacks are accelerating.

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Founder-led companies have historically outperformed the rest.

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Citi Panic/Euphoria:

Insiders done selling.

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You should know that already. Still need to be reassured?

So for buy n hold candidates, first thing to do is to eliminate non-founder lead companies.

Eliminate companies like AAPL.


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Funny how S&P closed at record high and people don’t even care.


“The market has felt like more of a grind lately, and this may become more of the norm as we enter year two of the recovery…

Btw, we don’t use pull back anymore? Drawdowns is the new word?

“These periods, like most, do not move in straight lines, as drawdowns will occur along the way.

Drawdowns sound more sophisticated.

Being in a grind and people getting bearish while market is making new highs is hugely bullish. Need to go do more buying on Monday…

The two funds that blew up last Friday. Both Chinese guys.


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Today is an example, megacaps and SPX don’t have to be in sync.

SPX down but AAPL is up, FB is up, AMZN is up,…

Hah. I read this quite a bit over the weekend. Hwang guy is Korean and Li is Chinese. The story here about Hwang.

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Forced selling over?

Any1 bought BIDU? Cathie’s favorite Chinese stock? The one I sold, after huge losses.

Ok Hwang does look Korean now that you mentioned it. I also heard 5x leverage. It doesn’t sound like a lot to be honest. He might have opportunities to get off but refused and yolo’ed instead.