Today's Market 3/28-4/3



Easy to take potshot at the guy from the side, and I just did. But he built 200m up to 15B in 9 years. Then 0. His method got him there. His method also took him down.

Warren Buffett: Never risk what you have and need, for what you don’t have and don’t need.


@wuqijun should take Buffets advice. Pigs get slaughtered at the trough.


at least he has 曾经拥有.

Are you following his advice?

Trust your luck! Throw ALL you don’t need IN. Outcome is random. You might have a chance to 拥有 rather than just read about it.

He didn’t know about WB’s advice. But what he is doing is no difference from WB’s advice. He is ALL IN with what he doesn’t need.

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Some people are made for generals. Others are made for foot soldiers.



No need to be so humble.

Btw, when come to investing in a company, you don’t want generals like war god, Xiang Yu or kind-hearted one like Kwan Yue or politically naive Hanxin, leading the company. You want companies to be led by politically savvy peasant leader Liu Bang.

Boring market if you’re trading in indices only. Big swings in some individual stocks. Indices like SPX and QQQ hardly change.

FAANG are green. MSFT and TSLA are red.

GBTC is green… bitcoins are manipulated by… billionaires :scream: follow them?

Didn’t one of the pandas say this final leg is going to be a grind. sounds like it.

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Most of buffets portfolio is in aapl. I have about $4 million worth of aapl. How much aapl do you have? Maybe you should take some advice from buffet instead of me.

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Many here talks against you on jealous, but you proved to this forum how successful you are and how successful you decisions are ! Even I was amazed by your firm commitment not to sell TSLA shares or not to sell covered call when it was $880 or $900 range.

It is really hard to find winning stocks and hold the winner to be really successful. Even hanera sold AAPL (hmmm, finally he is trying to change) !

One thing I am sure, TSLA will take long time to grow from now, but it may not provide you 100M (I am skeptical) what you are expecting.

Boring market if you’re trading in indices only. => Yes, I feel about it as I am 90% on TQQQ nowadays, adding more and more to TQQQ when it dips.

Big swings in some individual stocks => On some days, they may jump crazily, but they won’t will TQQQ over a period. Very few stocks exceeded TQQQ since 03/08 low.

But, following index is boring, but gives peace of mind, not going to look at fundamental analysis…etc no further reading except economy news; direction of market ; just do some EW at times.

Finally, I have come to conclusion to hold TQQQ (or UPRO or SQQQ or SPXU) are the way to swing trade, not bothered about minor dips/changes happening like today.

I am not updating anything as I just follow only ^GSPC and ^IXIC alone.

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I’ve been buying FNGU (concentrated toward mega cap tech) instead of TQQQ which has a mix of many high growth tech companies. I believe FNGU has already double bottomed (due to lagging performance) as compared to TQQQ, and it’s showing some signs. If there is going to be any rallies, I believe it will come from the mega cap tech stocks, not tech growth companies which has ran up too much. Anyhow, I’m about 80% in now after today’s flush down with various stocks/etfs. I’ll leave the remaining 20% for hedges or other aggressive option positions later. I did buy some hedges just in case though.

Tsla will 10x again. Within 5 years.

Also, didn’t I tell everyone to jump in with me back in 2018? If you didn’t and are jealous now, then you really have no one to blame but yourself.

I do plan to buy some more soon. Maybe you can decide again whether you want to jump in with me. Or not :rofl:

I think for growth names like TSLA, you can analyze ARKK.

Occasionally I day trade QQQ calls… so far so good… 20-30% to few times… because is a puny position… not much impact… just to pass time… don’t hold overnight.

I’m curious, what do you think is the catalyst? I read the bull case of ARK newsletter but that relies a lot on autonomous driving as the catalyst. Surely…google and others will be in that market by then, with others licensing its tech. The only reasonable catalyst I can think is the SpaceX which ARK didn’t mention. If Tesla is able to acquire or merge with SpaceX at current private valuation (80bil), I can see public market giving Tesla 2x valuation immediately and possibly 5-10x in 5 years.

Bill Hwang built from 200m to 15B. Maybe you can build from 200K to 15M?

I reviewed FNGU, good growth 650% in a year, but I do not buy any ETN (you must read complete prospectus about that ETN). ETNs normally do not have secured stocks, but notes like piece of paper.

With this, or any 3x leveraged, you need perfect timing…very important to know top. Market can swing 20% down (3rd circuit breaker) in a day, easy 7% first circuit breaker.

The ( site gives => The ETNs are senior, unsecured debt obligations of Bank of Montreal, and are subject to Bank of Montreal’s credit risk.

The leveraged and inverse ETNs are intended to be daily trading tools for sophisticated investors to manage daily trading risks as part of an overall diversified portfolio. They are designed to achieve their stated investment objectives on a daily basis. You should proceed with extreme caution in considering an investment in those ETNs.

The ETNs do not guarantee any return of your investment. For example, with respect to some ETNs, if the closing Indicative Note Value or the Intraday Indicative Value (each as defined in the applicable pricing supplement) for the ETNs is equal to or less than $0 at any time during a relevant trading day, you will lose all of your investment in the ETNs. Even if the Index Closing Level has increased or decreased, as applicable, from the Initial Index Level, you may receive less than the principal amount of your ETNs upon a call, redemption, at maturity, or if you sell your ETNs, with the loss magnified by any leverage, each as described in more detail in the applicable pricing supplement.

Anyway, I am not jealous over your wealth, but amazed with your resoluteness !

I am not the old jil you have seen in the past, very much equipped with magic crystal. I just showed you how TSLA swings are going on. This will take me in future…

TSLA will 10x again. Within 5 years => Really doubt. TSLA is very vulnerable after joining with Nasdaq and S&P. The implication of attaching TSLA with indexes are the issues, both good and bad, but as a result it will take long years for TSLA to grow.

You won’t understand at this point and will not accept it until you see the end of it.

With Dems driving the economy, Simply market is going to be like 2008-2011 (Repeat of Obama) mode or a sudden crash like Mar 2020. If that happens, TSLA reaching $1000 will be appx 4-5 years.

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90% of my money is in RE. Stocks are for lazy people and gamblers

That pretty much sums up the reason why you’re a grouchy old man.

You are the grouchy one. I would be too after loosing 33% of the value of my Tesla stock. You should be thanking me as your advisor. I bought at $180 in 2019 and you did afterwards. Just like when I buy at $400. Tesla is a great trading stock. I just don’t drink the koolaid. BTW this is a RE forum. I don’t bet the farm on stocks. Here is another reason to short Tesla … terrible customer service