Today's Market 4/25-5/1

HUGE earnings week.

Insider selling a bit extreme.

A ton of lock-up periods will expire in 3Q. Tsunami of selling? :scream:

Tons of new issues.

Bank of America indicators.

Follow Bitcoin. Heading south. Less than $50k

The price of bitcoin climbed as high as $63,729.5, according to data from Coin Metrics. Coinbase is set to go public Wednesday in a direct listing that could value the cryptocurrency exchange at as much as $100 billion.Apr 13, 2021

Big Tech going nowhere. Meanwhile small to medium caps are mooning.

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Sorry Jim, I went home.

ARKK is still 20% below 52w high and AAPL still 7% below. That’s it for your century top?


Century top is for SPX only. Individual stocks and ETFs may or may not peak :slight_smile: or have peaked earlier or would peak later.

Btw, don’t be fancy. Just stick to old school, SPX. UPRO QQQ TQQQ. YTD UPRO rules.

Jim Cramer is on @manch’s side

Cramer said you are absurd @hanera

Time to leave :panda_face: and come back to the bull team.

“Most stocks simply aren’t getting much pin action now for what they do… and it’s starting to bother me.”

“Unless your company’s a huge beneficiary from the great reopening, nobody cares,” Cramer said. “Even then, you’ve gotta deliver a massive upside surprise — not just a regular upside surprise — to get this market’s attention.”

The market is at all-time highs. One could argue earnings outperformance was already priced into stocks. Anyone that doesn’t outperform gets slaughtered.

AMZN ripping.

Crushed it.

AWS growth is insane.

Amazon’s growth rate is greater than the AWS rate though. That means retail is growing even faster. I didn’t think there was anyway possible retail growth would surpass AWS. That is crazy.

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They had some nice words on 3x ETF’s.