Today's Market 6/13-30

Peaceful earnings week.

@manch to take note of Rob’s action… he bot QQQ puts to hedge. Yes, even he thinks a correction might be here.

Why should I care what snake head thinks? Since you like to be precisely wrong, “might be here” means when exactly?

Obviously didn’t watch the video. He closed the hedges already :slight_smile:

His face repulsed me. Next time please post a summary of what snake-head-rat-eyes said.

Don’t be lazy.

Watch quality stuff like this instead:

Two talking heads? I watched a few times, is entertaining but sure you want to use their advices?

Guy on the left is CEO of a good side wealth management firm, guy on the right is their research director. Better qualifications than some random snake heads. I don’t “use their advices” but it’s pretty good quality information.

Indices in bullish wave two (counter trend) retracing the wave one bearish impulse. SPY turns green, QQQ might. Depends on how much wave two retraces… can be as much as 99% (near ATH)…

Antidotes to the constant doom and gloom some folks are peddling.

Face ripper said S&P will rise to 4400 by end of this month. Bold call.

Many names are like this: going sideways for months. Will be explosive when they finally break out.


I am waiting for AAPL to do so. For once, I wish you are right :grinning:

AAPL has appreciated 80+% for 2019 and 2020. Now you say 2021 will be so… I am so happy :money_mouth_face: since RE is running at 80% already. This is a bumper year for me :money_mouth_face: :money_mouth_face: :money_mouth_face: if face ripper is correct.

Not my trade. Saw this on twitter.

Microsoft is catching up. Joining the 2T club.

FB made new all time high today.

Buybacks are er… back.