Too Cheap (Excelsior)

Not the greatest curb appeal but 525K for a SFH in SF with an inlaw (unwarranted though). No open house, appt only!!! Let’s see what the market says. I say it goes for 800k.

And no pictures? What’s the deal? Agent desperately wants to double dip.

A teaser price? It will be sold immediately.
A pocket listing, just complying with the rules. Sold!

Listing seems legit, just have to work a little to get to see it. Early bird catches the worm…

LA wants everybody to thru her. Double dipper!

What am I missing? Isn’t this Daniel Hendel’s listing?

Cluttered fixer but a 4/3 in the Fab 7x7 for 649k!!!

2/1/1100 asking 850K. Looks pretty cute.

This is a nice one, but to be realistic about urban living conditions, I don’t like the entrance way as opposed to your dreaded tunnel entrance (not to say, robbers can’t pop those doors either and be inside, away from public view but at least they offer another buffer). With the way this door is and window, someone can easily break in. This is the Excelsior after all and this probably 1M selling home is going to be targeted. I would hate to change the door to a solid one (less light) and then what to do about the window? Def don’t want to put bars on there. You can put alarm and cameras there in the entrance as a deterrent but will that stop people? You might have room to put an iron gate in front of it all I guess from the arched entryway.

What are you talking about? Just put an iron gate before reaching the door and both your door and window are covered.

Still I am not a fan of these see-thru doors. At least put flossed glass on it.

I suggested that at the end, but didn’t see a good picture of the entryway to ascertain whether a gate can go on there. Sure, that would solve the problem.

Hence, the problem again. For such a nice one like this, what do you think it will go for? 1M? 1.1M? More? If it does, then you are reaching nearly Sunset pricing right? Why pay for Sunset pricing to be in the Excelsior?

On my remodel, I did just that to a similar kind of door by using frosted glass spray paint. No need to buy actual frosted glass. Came out pretty well (as long as you go slow and spray uniformily). That is your home remodeling tip for the day…

Man, So cheap. :slight_smile: Proud of you bruh!

Actually, nothing to do with cheap… it is time to go out and having to find it or order it. Next time, you actually dirty your pretty lil hands doing a remodel let me know how you like it…

Wow, definitely inlaw or expansion potential. I might have to go and look at this one…

It’s pretty big. Forget about inlaw man. You ruin the house with automatic rent control.

Who cares, if rent control coming throughout the land anyway…it is all about the cash flow and the relative ease of which to obtain that.

Ok, this wasn’t bad at 750k for a fixer on a large lot. One of my neighbor’s who is an agent said properties near McClaren Park was highly desirable.

But dude that’s on the scary east side… how can it be desirable? :wink: