Too Cheap (Excelsior)


This will be interesting as to the final price…


Oooh, this sounds interesting… granted the lower unit is most likely illegal though. I could exchange into this but wifey ain’t gonna like to live there one day…


Not bad, two units or more(?) for 900K!!!


SFHs better.


This one listed for 850K is a joke. Can easily sell for 1.3 or 1.4.


Yeah, eBay auction style pricing strategy is just the norm now… you can’t fight it. What are you gonna do? List your property high or near what it is really worth? Probably would still sell, but expect less interest, traffic and eventually bidding action. You want bidding action!!! No one wants to be like that Outer Mission one I ragged on forever…


I get everyone wants to list low. But 850K is too damn low. You get a lot of unqualified buyers that just crowd out the real ones. Listed a tad low like 1.1 or 1.2 and price would still go to 1.3 and 4. If I were in the market I would just assume it will be a zoo and be turned off. There is an anchor effect too. Some buyers would say what the heck I am not paying 80% over listing price hell no!


No way, only 2 bed 1 bath with unfinished garage how can it go for $1.3+ in Excelsior. I say 1.1M max.


Fine, so a happy compromise would be say 999K. I think the 1M benchmark still spooks some folks like me.


Do I see your hat in the ring?


Sure why not :slight_smile:


Would be nice to sell a house to manch. Lol 1.16 is my guess


1.3 or 1.4 can get you a house in sunset. Is Manch living in excelsior and trying to pump its price? :grin:

Wuqijun can easily locate Manch with his secret subscriptions




This house is ridiculously underpriced!


650K for 528 sq ft home!!!


Goes for 962K!!!


Not bad, not bad at all at Ebay auction start price of 749K!!!