Too Cheap (Excelsior)


Yeah, that is a good case study to see what the current market is like. Sounds like location is excellent close to groceries, etc. but the house is pretty run-down. Inlaw probably illegal too right? So yeah, what does this “baby” go for, after all said and done? I will say mid to high 800s. Fine, $888,888 it is. This one needs all the “luck” it can take…


Small, but 599K…


@sfdragonboy and @manch are close 1.22m pending


That’s crazy…people are getting priced out of the Excelsior of all places now!!!


That’s a very decent price for an updated home in SF.


Oh, our Fearless Leader is back… did you have a good trip/vacation?


Food is too good in Hong Kong. Now I am already fretting where to go for dinner here… :sob:


It must have been blazing hot over there. That is one place I need to go check out. I went on a China tour but didn’t join the girls for a HK shopping extension…


Welcome home! Time for some authentic American style burgers and fries :slight_smile:


It was blazing hot over here!!! (Except Sunset)


Hence the bump in Outer Sunset pricing…:grinning:


Surprisingly I had some very good burgers in Hong Kong in a hole-in-wall place. Wait time was outrageously long at 45min. It’s not American style though.


Let me guess…was it called “Out-n-In”???


They gave themselves some American sounding name: Route 99.

The American brand is still one of the best brands in the whole wide world.


What, and not Route 88??? Come on!!!


Man, I should trademark that name! :moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag:


American brand is the best brand in places that worship white people like Hong Kong… sorry, it’s too hard to resist not saying that… I tried I have low tolerance level… hehehhehe


You mean Denny’s? :joy:


The standard bearer of American food.


Man, Excelsior is hitting the +1M bar consistently now. Geez, I would take that Quintara home over this for 184K more any day, @Esfgiants