Too Cheap (Millbrae)


The pricing history looks fishy but to settle at 890K for a 3/1.5 home in Millbrae is pretty decent I think.


So is this proof that Sunset has surpassed Millbrae in home value? Nothing in Sunset sold this cheaply, not even this:


Contractor’s special. … cash only.


Sunset house looks to be a pocket listing. Millbrae is back to the Caltrain and has no garage


Beatup pretty much a tear down remodel needed. And like a block from el camino real too


Millbrae market has been pretty subdued recently. I think it’s a good time to buy in if you like the area.


Millbrae is VERY expensive, archer is around over 1.4 above el Camino. That house for 900k is actually not bad. Blocks away from Chinese food lol


I suppose I wouldn’t want to be real close to Caltrain but isn’t Millbrae around El Camino decent actually? Say a few blocks above El Camino.


If Sunset is the yardstick I don’t see Millbrae as exceptionally expensive. In fact I would have guessed price would be higher. All Millbrae houses have sizable lots, usually north of 5k. That’s literally twice the size of any random Sunset house. And yet price is not that different, maybe a 10 to 20% delta.


Well in millbrae rancher 1 story is around 1.4, sunset 2 story is around 1.4. Anything over 2000 sf in millbrae 2 story is like around 2 mil. There’s more " deals " in sunset. Inventory super low in 94030


I heard from some people living in Milbrae that there is jet fuel smell as this place is downwind from SFO.
it will be interesting to hear from locals how big this problem is if any?


That’s the same as saying your bedroom smells like shit because it’s right next to your bathroom. Even though I don’t live in Millbrae and don’t know the exact situation, I can already see how baseless this claim is.


Well - I was hearing it first hand from few people living in Milbrae. I can imagine there may be some truth to that as plane takes off against the wind and at full engine power. But it will be interesting to hear from other people that actually live in Milbrae.


They were probably making a fool out of you. Or making a fool out of themselves if they actually believed in that.


I think they were complaining


Guys be polite to each other. :slight_smile:


Sunset appreciation is definitely much better than Millbrae and Burlingame. I feel that Millbrae and Burlingmae appreciation has been lagging during the last 5 years. Is it true?

Millbrae used to be much higher than Sunset, right? Now the gap is much smaller or nonexistent according to Manch

Are there any tech guys moving to Sunset?


I think San Francisco right now is hot commodity. Years ago, people abandoned the city and moved to nicer suburbs like those in peninsula and the east bay. Places like Millbrae and San Ramon. Time has proven that it’s better to stick with the city. Only a few places can pull this off… where the city is more desirable than its suburbs. I can think of only San Francisco and New York.


During the booming period SFO rocks as lot of companies, tech industries start at SFO, employ people. This creates migration towards SFO city, housing also improves.

When downturn occurs, most of the companies file bankruptcy or vanish, results high outflow and vacancy.

I have seen both year 2000 and 2008 raise and fall of SF is bigger than other places as the city people unable to withstand High cost of living without any job.


Absolutely 100000% correct. My Big Bro is the perfect example. Now granted he works in SV so it made sense to move down there after having the first kid but the fact is that he thought the Fab 7x7 was not so fab and thought the South Bay and parts of the East Bay were better. Sold his multi unit in SF and bought a mult unit in the peninsula. Said the city was done due to rent control and he drank the “schools are terrible” Kool-Aid like everyone else who left for the South Bay. Proceeded to buy in places like Milpitas and Saratoga. Frankly, the man could be like some of you and just blog here all day about his real estate and stock conquests of which he has had many. Worth double digit millions but dresses like sheet. Now, the man after seeing how the Sunset for example is doing so well in terms of pricing wants back in all of a sudden. He has been hanging out here more often which means he does miss it. He recently offered to go in half with me on a multi unit in the Fab 7x7 as long as it is in a nice neighborhood. Probably needs a weekend pad to stay in while here. He has seen the light!!!