Too Cheap (Millbrae)


Regret leaving and want to go back?


Wrong choice. Milpitas - dumps. Saratoga - more rural than suburban.


I never did leave :slight_smile:


Come on, sfdragonboy already said the man is doing extremely well. He obviously made the right choices. He just wants to own more than what he already has and expand his empire… like reconquesting San Francisco :slight_smile:


Uh, no…cul du sac Milpitas SFH bought for under 200k brand new. Old school - waited in line for it. Several nights, if I recall. Worth probably 900k-1M now at least. Has 2 or 3 or them. I even lose track of his holdings since he is always finding pocket listings through fellow engineers who give up. Saratoga home has to be what 2-3M??? Bought for what, 600k if I remember correctly. I only learn about his purchases when he needs a contractor and hits up one of my guys when he can’t find anybody down there.

Big Bro is not like you guys, techies who left when you didn’t want to do it anymore or maybe unfortunately became obsolete. Still chugging away after 30+ years in Sunnyvale and still fairly at the top of the food chain amongst all these fairly bright millennials even though really doesn’t need to. Granted, I think he works banker’s hours more now. Def still old school and brought up like that, hungry all the time. Now, I have told him numerous times to just say f*ck it and go buy that Ferrari and go enjoy yourself a tad. Buy something outrageously cool. Not gonna cause a decent ding even in the bank account, honestly. Nope, nose to the grindstone. Man, the dude is relentless. Unfortunately will probably die at his desk…At least, traveling a lot more with wifey to exotic places and drinking some fine wines. It is a start…


Exactly right. Let’s be honest, a lot of stuff to do up in the Fab 7x7 vs say Saratoga right? Yeah, peace and quiet down there but what else can you do? There is a certain cache to owning a piece of property in the Fab 7x7. Come on, it is true, especially if it is something kind of nice. SFH or yes condo. It is like missing that key stock holding from your portfolio. You don’t necessarily need it to be very successful but like you cats like to do, you like to break it out now and then to impress the masses that you got game…


Ok, in that case I better save up. I need to buy that mansion in Atherton, a penthouse in Manhattan, and a third one in Beverly Hills, 90210…


If you can hang out here all day while achieving what I think is the ultimate financial status, your money is truly working for you all day, you must be doing more than just all right…


Yes I’m a couch potato… :slight_smile:


Hopefully, that is not too true. You gotta get some exercise daily. I go to the gym 3x a week, rain or shine, rough day at work or not. How else you gonna make zillions more if only to succumb to some health issue that may have been preventable?


Ok, sounds good, I’ll head to the gym in the next hour…


Small but pretty cheap…


Pended, of course…


What would a house like this cost in Sunset?




It is a fixer and listing price is cheap…


What’s your guess on final sale price?


It is closer down to El Camino, yet has a nice, stately look to it (curb appeal) but def needs a lot of work. I say 1.38M


1.18M for me.


Over 1.18 for sure