Too Cheap (Millbrae)


1.2M, small and fixer


Small but great street number…


Millbrae is really nosediving to the level of outer sunset! Or is it that we only like to look at the cheapest available Millbrae home? I’m pretty sure my cousin’s modest Millbrae home is still worth its couple million…


Sunset and Arctic Sunset are in a bubble. Buy Millbrae on the dip.


The valuations in the Sunset have certainly gotten to the point of concern, but are we seeing reduced pricing or fewer overbids? Let’s be honest though, there are hordes of Asians out there and they are loving and wanting the Sunset. I don’t blame them…


Come on man. If you have two little ones, would you buy in Sunset? Or would you buy in Millbrae? For the same money you get 2x the lot, big yard, 75 degree sunshine year round and good schools K-12.


Well, how come all those Chinese people who are buying in the Sunset and do have kids aren’t or weren’t asking that exact question? We can speculate all we want but at the end of the day, The Machine, is living large via the Sunset…


That’s what bubbles do. We can ask the same question why did all these seemingly smart people buy houses on credit cards in 2005? And what about folks who bet their lifesavings on dot com stocks?


But keep in mind the phenomena we are speaking of, is not a mere phase or fad (IMHO). The Sunset has been desirable for a long time. Come on, I bought in what 2003 or so and that market was tough too if I remember correctly. I had to pull a private sale to get my oasis and cheaply must I add. Now, 14 years!!! Sure, in between that time we had a recession, but what impact was there on the Sunset market honestly? Zilch. Sometimes, something is just better to some folks and they just don’t want to buy anything else. Why does everyone keep buying Hondas and Toyotas? Why do some folks swear by Sony tvs only?


Sunset is fine. What I am saying is that Millbrae may be temporarily selling at a discount now, and thus presents a good buying opportunity.

Sunset is alright, but Millbrae is (way) better.


I can easily argue the evidence (present market) appears to contradict this notion. Yes, there was Asian flight to Millbrae years back (for the supposedly good schools, lawn and weather). How does an area so grand cease to be desirable? Do we see such behavior or results in Palo Alto or Cupertino? No, right? Something inherently and truly better does not become cheaper over time. To me, Millbrae is just simply played out and some Asians want to be part of a great, international city like the Fab 7x7. You have to admit, it is prestigious to say to folks outside of CA or internationally that you live in San Francisco. Stop laughing, but there is some truth to that.


Another one on the same street

Only $1M. That’s about the price of a Bayview house.


The final selling price on these rather cheap homes will shed more light on the Millbrae market. Don’t get me wrong, I like Millbrae to a certain extent too but again I am a city kid at heart…


If Arctic Sunset is in a bubble, what about Sahara South Bay? :slight_smile:


Honestly I don’t get the allure of Millbrae. I like SF, and I like the South Bay. I just don’t think I was ever a fan of the Peninsula… I would not buy anything between SF and Menlo Park.


Nice location, except I don’t like cul de sac.


Wow, not cheap by any means but pretty nice… chinese pricing strategy in effect!!!


I am good…sells for 1.31M, just 70K off…


Hmmm, only 1.35M… Sunset beats this!!!


Sunset has overtaken Millbrae in all way, shape, and form.