Too Cheap (Millbrae)


Another one, this time an Eichler-lookalike sold for 1.1k a foot.


Which one is better millbrae or burlingame? I have not much insight into that area.


Millbrae-Burlingame is like Cupertino-PaloAlto. MB is mostly Asian and BG is mostly white. MB is cheaper and BG is more expensive. Again, just like Cupertino and PA.


I would prefer Belmont than theses two locations.


In what context? This is a very open-ended question. I recently moved to Millbrae and can weigh in.

Also, Manch the buyers got 1106 Elmwood at a decent price IMO. There was a comparable house in the hood with less updates that sold for close to that last year.


I guess two contexts: 1. investment pov ,which one is more likely to appreciate better 2. for living pov (which is probably similar to 1).


Ah I see. For investment, my expertise is very basic. I would say Millbrae and Burlingame, both are appreciating very well. Burlingame is more expensive, so to purchase requires more funds.

For living wise, I enjoy living in Millbrae a lot. I used to live in SF and I think both Burlingame and Millbrae are great safe locations. I feel like compared to Burlingame, Millbrae has an “older” feel. Weather is probably better in Burlingame. I hear schools in Burlingame are better than Millbrae, although differences are marginal. Burlingame also feels more “wealthy”. Millbrae does have a nice “community” feel and my neighbors genuinely care about the city because of lot of residents grew up there.

Hope this helps!


What’s wrong with this house? It has to suffer the shame of a price cut.

House looks pretty decent with big lot. Lots of nature all around. I’d much rather buy this house than anything in Sunnyvale.


Burlingame doesn’t have the benefit of being proximate to the big three tech giants of Apple, Google, and Facebook. Avoid it and buy in the South Bay.


Those people are wrong. :smile:


Weird shaped lot?


It’s a flag lot, but it’s BIG. I won’t mind a flag lot. In fact I prefer it for additional privacy.


I don’t like this type of lot; feels like you’re living in an alley.