Too Cheap (Millbrae)


What??? WE thought you were making bazillions from this website…


Right. I am still waiting for your chicken wings!


Small fixer in Millbrae…


Stanley ho


Come on, do you know how much hair products I go through? I NEED all of the listings!!!



Maybe not too cheap but decent for Millbrae no??? Looks like a private sale or something which might explain it…


Geez, not too bad for Millbrae address for 1.38M…


What’s up with this one:,-122.363449,37.572065,-122.441383_rect/13_zm/


What about it?


800K lower listing than back in Nov that doesn’t sell. Are they trying to create some bidding in the middle?


This one is lowering price. The grandma interior is not helping. Maybe 1.45?


yeah it looks very aggressive too. the house looked nice, but don’t know the area to guess a price.


1.9M looks like a steal for a big good looking house, no?


627 Capuchino Dr
Millbrae, CA 94030
4 beds 4 baths 2,569 sqft

The house is big, and new, but can’t say much about the quality of the craftsmanship in there (not my area). a big house like this in most areas are > 2.5M now, but it didn’ sell in millbrae, why?! that’s what i am curious about.
Maybe it did get offers > 2.5M but they didn’t like? IDK.


There is a video of the house in English, Mandarin and Cantonese.


What’s the point of speaking Cantonese? Those one/two-liners provide zero info. Reminds me of those songs where they insert one or two phrases in a different language; annoyed the crap out of me.


Sidebar: does she look like Jane Kim?


You are obsessed with Jane Kim. Join @BAGB’s club.


OMG… I just remember Jane Kim also likes to wear red dresses…

Wait a sec, I am calling my shrink now. :cry:


Updated house sold for 1.1k a foot: