Too Cheap (Sunset)


I think I would actually take the one with the views. The other one is very conservative and straight-laced, while this one has a little pizzaz to it. A mini oasis awaits you after a long, rough day at the office. Family gatherings and parties would be stellar with that view (when weather permits of course).


Yes, the one with the view is good and cheaper too!


Not sure if 15th ave’s slope is flatter but 14th ave next block down is on a crazy hill…definitely not old people friendly but if you wanna lose weight you can save some $$ on gym membership.


Yes that’s the downside of GG heights, my parents definitely can’t live there. No one can without a car.


That’s funny. Cracked me up.


He shouldn’t degrade his own race. Shame on him…


Come on, lighten up!!! We family here… :slight_smile:


Ok, it’s Friday, so it must be payday again for THE MACHINE…

Theory about borderline Inner/Central Sunset homes not selling higher than Central is kinda true on this one. Close to N line, but fairly large home with 5 bedrooms, 3 car tandem garage and a huge yard with fruits only going for 1.3M.

Jason, only 200K above asking??? You’re fired!!!


Come on, you know full well this is not about the location. Why you always try to spin it to justify your theory of central sunset domination :slight_smile:


??? not sure what you are getting at. This is a home on 18th Ave, which by loose definition is Inner Sunset (before 19th Ave) and it is fairly large (5 bedrooms, huge garage and yard). Sells for 1.3M, which is low, no??? Surely, most Central Sunset homes are not that large and aren’t some of them going for over 1.3M?


A double death lipstick on a pig fixer. What do you think the same house would go for in central or outer sunset? Not 1.3M.

Also, the 5 bedrooms is misleading. The actual square footage is only 1205. Smaller than any inner sunset home I’ve seen. More like outer sunset size. Either they counted the illegal rooms downstairs as bedrooms or they have really small bedrooms.


Your definition of a fixer is obviously different from mine. This is about the same level of homes being sold elsewhere where the kitchen may be dated but serviceable and some of the bathrooms are still original tiled. Again, when I cite examples like this one below you pooh pooh that it went too high. To you, maybe. Obviously not to the buyer!!!

Here, want more examples of central and outer Sunset homes that are SMALLER and about the same condition as this and selling for about the same or more??? My god, I don’t make this stuff up. It’s data!!!


I would never call a sale in Sunset too high. In fact, the higher the better!

But this 18th Ave home does have its drawbacks. That’s why it is priced similarly to the ones you listed above. Without the double death address number and fixed up more, there’s no doubt it can achieve the 1.5M figure.

Another drawback I noticed: the house right next to it is couple stories higher than it is. Might not be very appealing to some people.



My sis-in-law’s family home is having its first open house this weekend. Central Sunset. Center Patio. Not remodeled to the gills at all. Some fresh paint, some staging, but original tiled kitchen and tiled bathrooms. Has inlaw (partly unwarranted). Ok, agent brings in a buyer a few weeks ago who promptly said 1.3M cash. Stop the painting. Come on, if this person was willing to give 1.3M on the spot you know it probably will go higher right? Yes, I know if you want to be picky about it and break it down to $/sq ft Inner Sunset reigns but the fact is Central and Outer Sunset are not lagging that far behind anymore. Depending where, they may be on wider streets and may be quite convenient to groceries and shops. If you go to open houses as much as I do, you would know that hordes of people are looking to buy in the Sunset. They don’t need me to pump up the market.


Is your sister selling the home to move to a better neighborhood? What’s her motivation for selling?


Sis Inlaw’s parent passed away a little while ago. This is my Big Bro’s wife side. Come on, they live in a Saratoga spread. Let’s just say the realtor tried to push them to take the 1.3M cash thinking they haven’t seen money like that. Uh, wrong. I offered 1.1M before any paint brush was bought and was turned down.


Maybe if you were to offer 1.3M you might have gotten it :slight_smile:

But for 1.3M what are you going to do with it? The only thing you can do is to turn around and flip it.


Exactly, and that would have been the plan (@ 1.1M). At 1.3M and needing some work, that would probably not pencil out to much of a profit for the time/energy expended.

We shall see what happens between this weekend and next. People are supposedly seriously interested but until the offers are in who knows. What I do know is, a lot of houses are coming onto the market space as we speak so there is at least some houses for buyers to look at and consider. I think if they brought it to market a month or two sooner, a higher price might have been had due to fewer competing homes.


For 1.3M maybe you can do some drastic rehab like what Mr. Louie did to that 2030 18th Ave home. Turn around and sell it for $1.8M.


Correct, and Big Bro would have gladly put out the cash to do it right (as I had suggested) but he wanted to stay out of it if you know what I mean.