Too Cheap (Sunset)


Well if he does a half ass job then he’s going to get some mediocre return for that.


Right, but again here we go with crazy people showing up on your doorsteps and willing to offer you 1.3M cash as-is. Either that person was celebrating 4/20 too early or he smelled more money to come…


That person is probably another Mr Louie. It’s hard to find fixers and off market deals!


You seem to be keyed in and have been able to do it. I managed to do it several times through networking. Fortunately, these contacts have way too much money as it is and were willing to give me scraps essentially. Me take scraps all day long baby!!!


I offer $1028888, ask him.



The fact is, you want to go through the open house process and MAKE THE DAMN REALTOR DO SOME FREAKING WORK FOR THAT COMMISSION!!! (sorry, had to get that off my chest…)


In Singapore, we use basket :grin:


I offer 888,888. That’s 2 more 8’s.


Let’s just say one of the siblings had a similar notion (you know, family discount) and was promptly put in place. Shoot, I came in at least closer to reality…


1447 18th is small. 1.3M price means almost $1200 a foot. How’s that cheaper than Central Sunset. C’mon now @sfdragonboy.

Also this house is too close to the tracks. That’d deter at least @harriet from bidding. That’s 200K lost right off the bat.


Yeah, but when you take into consideration the extra rooms and the extra large garage I think it could have gone a tad higher. But sure, I drive that area a lot and I suppose too much car traffic would be a turn-off. Maybe I am expecting miracles from THE MACHINE…


1 8 short.


Ok, $888888.8


How about this one? Look at the roof deck wow!

It’s fun to play the guessing game


Yeah, this one is going to be a tough competitor to my sis-in-laws listing this weekend. Same house but farther out to Sunset Blvd with the third floor and view. Question is, how much of a difference in price should that be worth?


Wow, this one has it all, a perfect 10!.. except the location, in Outer Sunset against street noise from Sunset Blvd.


I can see this one hitting over 1.6M easily. With the great weather this weekend the open houses will shine for everyone. Of course, people will think it is so nice out there all the time… yeah right


Wow, def not cheap but interesting design. I get the reason for the balconies, but they seem too take over the front profile of the overall home. I think the use of frosted glass is part of the problem. Clear glass might have reduced that sense of overkill I think.


Too weird. Design FAIL.


Yes. Design fail. Trying too hard.