Too Cheap (Sunset)


Huh, not sure what he did wrong with the two listings technically. I am SURE THE MACHINE told his clients on both properties that hey you might want to wait but maybe they both said, Jason, since you are THE MACHINE, let’s go and list them together at once. Yeah, that is exactly what happened for sure…:slight_smile:


If Jason is not a discount broker then it means he’s overcharging. Crook.


Just to clarify I’m not Jason, but I have used him before to sell my house in the sunset a few years ago and he was nothing but pleasure to work with. He is worth his price which is market rate.

You can refer to this listing and this is probably from a " discount broker " but it was sold " too cheap "

If Jason had sold that for sure probably 200k with some paint and go stuff. Take a look and let me know what you think


So in the end, you save around 1% 15k but end up losing 150k.

I am a RE developer in SF, and my motto is " willing to spend money to make MORE money "

Usually the micro flippers tend to get hurt first and make the less profit on the long run .


Good point. OK, I am back to “undecided” on Jason.

What makes Jason successful do you think?


@sfdragonboy would probably call this house the house of death.


@manch my advise is to just interview him and compare him to other agents. Always interview and make the best informed decision.


Now that I have my own license, I don’t think I will ever use another agent. In this seller’s market, it doesn’t take much skill to sell a house. Maybe when the market slows down I will use one.


What value does a listing agent add?..All of them list on the mls…What else is there?..


You don’t need to sell The Machine to anyone, @Esfgiants. He obviously gets the job done for the sellers. Why else would he have so many more listings than anyone? Sure, other agents will badmouth him of course but tough sheet. Why don’t you send out a zillion notepads to everyone??? If I didn’t feel like I owe the agent who found my home in the first place, I probably would use The Machine when I do sell my Sunset home down the road. Hey, pay The Machine!!!


Hey Elt1 I remember you are an agent as well?

To me I have used many agents. There is a big difference in quality and result. My listings have always come prepared, pro pics, turn key properties and easy to sell, still a lot of little differences that make a big difference at the end


Congrats manch, are you active selling with a brokerage ?


No, my license is active but I am not. I use it to go on MLS and open doors for myself.


I’m a hapless real estate investor… I depend on listing agents to sell houses for me. And I intend on doing so for the forseeable future…


I have sold properties without agents…I have a inactive license but my wife is the broker…Pictures are important. .But the idea that a listing agent has special powers is bullshit…
There are listing whores like Stanley Lo…But the idea that a listing agent is better because they sell more is Anthony Robbins vodoo…Pricing is key…But a listing agent who will list at the highest price won’t be doing you any favors. …They key is listing at the price to attract the most buyers…


No one is remotely suggesting (seriously) that agents such as Jason “The Machine” Chan walks on water. But if you want to be fair, you also don’t want to use a newbie listing agent too who doesn’t know the ropes either, correct? You want a true advocate who will garner you the maximum price with fewest contingencies. Take that one property in the outer Mission that in my opinion has been mismanaged tremendously with the listing from Day 1. Now, sure, perhaps the seller is the true idiot who wanted to list so high and then drop the pricing incrementally as it sits but if that were the broker’s idea that is one broker ought to be shot at dawn.


That is the practice in Austin. Houses can sit for months. So you always bid lower than listing price. You have at most 1 other competitor.


Kind of surprising to hear that, since Austin seems to be the next hot girl supposedly…


That is not the only difference. Buyers have to do their own inspection and surveying, then negotiate the price further down to pay for the repairs. You can lockup the house for five days with just $100 option money. So your agent has to arrange for all that to be done. For my case, my property manager will arrange for the repairs.


Easy to buy in Austin, hard to sell…Stuctures fall apart from the heat and humidity. .High maintenance, high utilities costs, bad tenants, high property tax…In Texas I recommend build and sell, not buy and hold…