Too Cheap (Sunset)


Here is an interesting one with a lot of detail. I suppose some folks may like but others may find too ornate.


The Machine is back with a Sunset duplex!!!


Here’s another duplex he listed on the same day two blocks away.

Both are one house away from the tracks…


God, the double whammy…the N Judah rumbling around the corner and then the 7 bus line stopping in front of your doorsteps. I was going to see if the sister in-law was interested in plowing some of that windfall from the sale of her family home into a duplex but sounds like both of these do have the wart of being too close to tracks. A half block would be tolerable, but not one house over (my friend lived in a house one house over and you def felt it…)


That’s fine. It’s a duplex. It’s meant to be a rental. No need to worry about tracks or noises or bus stops what not.


Jason is not very considerate for his clients. He shouldn’t have listed these duplexes on the same day; too much competition against each other.


Jason’s response to @harriet: “Hey, I have TOO many listings and I like money!!!”


This guy’s a crook, not worth the 1 or 1.5% commission. If I were one of these duplex sellers I would be extremely disappointed.


I don’t believe he is a true discount broker actually…


Even worse! These sellers should be furious then not just disappointed.


Jason is no doubt a crook. Thinking how much money he cheated out of old folks who didn’t know better is heartbreaking.


He seems to produce pretty well though (from all those listings we have tracked as of late) no? I mean, in most cases, he did seem to get the seller a decent if not great amount (granted over a low listing price). There may be, but I don’t recall seeing an obvious double dipping case with The Machine yet. Let’s be honest, when you are getting so many listings why rock the boat and become unscrupulous (and double dip)? Shoot, you are making so much the old fashioned way, you’re earning it!!!

Yes, I am not actually Jason Chan…but I do love his notepads that clutter up my kitchen countertop though…


I believe those houses would have sold for around the same price regardless of whether it was Jason listing it or not. He has no special strategy. He just low balls the listing price and let people bid up. Not exactly scientific.


Well, he does definitely choose good stagers though and his flyers are top notch.


The upstairs unit is rented for $1,380.41. That’s like 2k below market.

Friends don’t let friends buy multi-fam in Bay Area.


Dang, this beauty went pended rather quickly…


Why do you guys think Jason is a crook? He is pretty stand up guy and not a discount discount broker


They’re saying he’s a crook because they can’t stand successful people especially if they are real estate agents… :slight_smile:


That’s @harriet…she got a beef with everyone and everything :slight_smile:

No, I call Jason The Machine out of pure love and envy…


Jason’s a crook because his service doesn’t justify the amount of commission he gets. Look at the duplex listings, definitely not serving in the best interest of his clients.