Too Cheap (Sunset)


Water in front of the house is good.
A pool at the back of the house is dead water, very bad.


I smell double dipping action!!!


Ok, chinese purchase price wins!!! Fairly large home (sq) and wasn’t even listed ridiculously low (ala The Machine). Yet, 1.8M is pretty sweet…450K over asking!!!


Refer to bold words for scientific reasoning.


Did I ever say feng shui and chinese superstitions are scientifically sound???


Not sure what you intend to mean. Feng Shui (wind water) is essentially a study of the environment to facilitate the conduct of business and more healthy living. The problem with many Chinese practices such as Feng Shui, medical and martial arts, too many quacks due to lack of institutions governing them to ensure quality, genuine, and facilitate advances. Many practices are living in the past, hardly any advances.


I believe I am on the same page as you. Sure, a lot of mumbo jumbo, not hard scientific evidence. But, all it takes is an example here, or there, and one has to wonder if there is really any truth to the ancient Chinese secret…

When you go house hunting (not on video/internet, but actual open house), don’t you immediately recognize how the place flows? I do. I don’t like meandering, thin hallways or walls that are out of place. This simple concept I find very useful in determining whether it is a go or no go on a property.


The agent listed it on the San Diego MLS “Sandicor”


Sooo, what are you suggesting? Inside deal? I am supposed to know about every freakin’ Sunset house for sale!!!:slight_smile:


Looks like you need to also monitor the San Diego MLS then…


God, I have enough on my plate with you all as it is…:slight_smile:


Of course it is Pended!!! You can’t stop Jason “The Machine” Chan from dominating the real estate world. He is KD, Curry and Lebron all rolled up into one!!!


God, if this goes for anything close to asking (or more) we really are in a bubble!!!


Ok sure… when the bubble pops all Sunset homes will be revalued to less than the worth of a dime…


Wow… timing is everything. This seller bought it in 2014, didn’t lift a finger and only held it for 3 years, and pocketed 600k. The previous seller who bought it in 2012 had to go through an extensive remodel and only gained 400k (before expense) in 2014…


Are you advocating that we buy remodeled house or market timing or don’t do fixer-upper?


Buy and hold always wins in the long run. The longer you hold the more money you make. Best is to buy a fixer upper, fix it up, and then hold it for a long time.


Not my experience with RE in Singapore.
Bought for $800k, went up $1.5 mil in 3 years, drop to $900k in the 10th year, now worth $2.1 mil. Should have sold when euphoria is crazy high… I was vetoed by the decision maker who think buy and hold wins in the long run, not you btw. In Singapore, high and low signals are clearer because… can’t tell you :slight_smile:


Wait, but it’s now worth 2.1, highest ever. So, your decision maker was right. You are wrong.


I’ll make more by selling at $1.5 mil and bought back at $900k :rage: