Too Cheap (Sunset)


Yes but you would need to make 2 decisions to first sell and then buy back. You have to time the market twice. Looks easy when you have the hindsight but in reality it’s very hard to do.


Stop quoting WB and insulting my ability :rage::rage:


I didn’t quote WB. Why does every wise quote has to be something that came out of WB’s mouth?


The Machine is back with another listing!!!


OMG, and another!!!


Well, sell them while they’re hot! This bubble is not going to last forever… :slight_smile:


It just AMAZES me how many actual listings he gets. He literally has cornered the real estate market in the Sunset by far.


Are you ready to say he’s a C R O O K?


lol Manch you should go talk to jason. I call him mr sunset. He’s down to earth and nice guy. No tricks in his bags imo


Come on, Fearless Leader, where did I suggest that Jason “The Machine” Chan is doing something crooked? I make fun of him just out of pure 100% respect!!! I am just amazed at what he is able to do. It is impressive. There are a lot of agents around and yes he is chinese and speaks the language but so do a lot of other agents.


It’s easy to be a good agent. Be honest, willing to spend and be transparent and know your stuff. Just present the orange as the orange instead of an apple an house sells itself. A lot of agents cut corners, willing to spend on presentation is key


But to get to the point that you are just rolling in listings is not normal (even for good agents). I can honestly see Jason tell a seller to hold off since he’s got 2 listings out on the market right now and the spin would be you don’t want to be positioned alongside them so wait for my call. Everyone of course drinks the Jason Kool-Aid and waits patiently for the SIfu to help them and gladly take their 5%. Come on, any other agent would be salivating for the listing, right???


See? That’s why I suspect the guy is a C R O O K…


I thought I am the only one on here who think he is since you changed your mind on him recently but welcome back :slight_smile:


No one can be that successful playing by the rule. Something fishy is going on…


All cash buyer bought it for 738k… Hmm… number sounds like a Chinese buyer…


Oh… actually looks like a Russian buyer :slight_smile:


This fixer went 250k over asking…


Of course, it’s Pended, The Machine needs to get paid!!!



Almost 400k over asking, did anyone tour ?