Too Cheap (Sunset)


Here is a one listed way below. @sfdragonboy - side by side garage, 80 lucky address no, and detached as a bonus!

I say 1.6M


Wow, I don’t need that many rooms but that is a nice one! Yeah, Lakeshore is nice with the fully detached homes and proximity to Stonestown/Lowell/freeway. Yeah, wouldn’t be surprised if it goes for more actually…


Jason is breaking his list-low tradition:


Interesting…we are seeing this with his other listings too. It could be well that the sellers are simply saying, no Jason, I don’t want to list so low. My Sunset home is so awesome that I want top dollar since it is in the best neighborhood in the Fab 7x7 and I can see homes here soon routinely hitting 2M so no more of that 995k crap, ok (if you want my listing)? What can even The Machine say then???

Case in point, this one. I hate to rip on it, but it is already pretty dated looking frankly and yes it is fairly large but wanting 1.5M right off the top. Let’s see how it does.


I think you are right @sfdragonboy. I would bid on the 80 Morningside Lakeshore side by side garage doors one over this one anytime of the day.


And we shouldn’t be surprised at all if Morningside really hits it out of the ballpark while this one languishes on the vine…buyers are picky but they should be right? we are in an arms race with real estate properties and the nice ones people just are pushing in all the chips in and worrying about it later…


This house is tenant occupy that’s why he didn’t do the list low strategy when showing can be difficult


A tad ugly with the converted garage space to a unit but 3 units is 3 units and at 1.2M only…


Does this go to show that SFH is much more valuable than multi units…


Well, hard to say, because this was a cut up job if there ever was one. Come on, they converted the garage to a unit??? WTF!!! Ugly piece of sheet… Oh, but it cash flows… (never mind…:slight_smile:)


Hmm… I wonder where they are going to park their cars now…


Market is still hot, but not sizzling now


Below market rents on 2 out of 3 units AND close to the tracks, no wonder it’s cheap…


Wow, the Sunset has made the big time…

Gets the cover that usually is reserved for the Pac Heights or Sea Cliffs of the local RE landscape!!! The Sunset can not be denied anymore!!!

And I am impressed by the realtor. In the past, I have seen him deal with very high end properties around town yet here we are with him selling in our lil fabulous space in the Fab 7x7!!! And, talk about employing the low pricing strategy no less…

Go Sunset!!!


Sunset is turning into a neighborhood for luxury real estate… ok, entry level luxury :slight_smile:


Wow, only 899K…can I have two please? Not greedy…


It doesn’t have much of a yard. So for that reason it’s a $500k discount. So it’s appropriately priced at $899k. :slight_smile:


I don’t really care about the yard. I am eying the inlaw potential. Let’s see if the masses think like me…


Priced low to get a silent auction…Sneaky but effective


Unfortunately you have to do this or possibly face sfdragonboy posting your pricing history as you reduce it every week or so… That is what the masses expect now, that eBay mentality. But if you think about it, it does serve a purpose in that it casts a wide net. Some people of course have a budget in mind and they expect some overbidding due to this market so what happens if you price it “right” in the first place? Well, you probably will lose a fair amount of potential buyers since the expectation is that it will go higher than the “right” price which may exceed their max budgeted spend. People should look at every home that is close to budget but they are busy or can’t cover them all. An attractive teaser rate gets the juices flowing…