Trading wars impact


@hanera, are you in Cupertino now?




You talk like Trump :wink: who don’t understand system (aka systemic) engineering.
Assuming you are right, cost of housing = property tax + monthly mortgage payment + rent = $x
If property tax is repealed, you think cost of housing would become monthly mortgage payment + rent < $x but I doubt that is going to be true. More like cost of housing = monthly mortgage payment + rent ~ $x


You choose to ignore all historical facts and data while clinging to your opinions. There’s really no point in presenting more info for you to ignore it, dodge questions, then pivot to a different argument.


“We have been transparent with the [United Auto Workers union], helping them and making sure they understand the business and that customers’ preferences are changing," she told reporters on a call Friday morning.

Hmm, she’s not blaming the trade war.


You still don’t understand the difference between macroeconomics and microeconomics


Somehow I still think that you didn’t move to TX


Manch can be very stubborn… :rofl:



Best answer? So disappointed. Guess no point for me to try anymore since you insist you are right.
Somehow you don’t think people would divert savings in property tax (if repeal) towards mortgage payment, but would use it to spend on food & beverages or other consumables.

Your question is whether I’m still in Cupertino, now change to moving to TX? Not in CU doesn’t imply in TX because I can be in other place just not CU :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


So you never moved to TX, right?



Jim Cramer: Here’s How I See the China Trade War Right Now

I am not changing my stance that if you want to see real movement out of China you need to focus on aerospace, American Express and Apple.

Apple? We know that Apple is a conspicuous U.S. product that is easily avoided, especially if competitor Huawei has much larger subsidies at the register. If we were to see any embrace at all by the government of Tim Cook then we know there’s real movement.

Telecoms gave a bigger subsidy for Huawei phones? Not aware of this till now.


Which company will benefit from 5G since Huawei will be driven out of US market?


I bought VZ for 5G.


What was the bought price? Both T and VZ are nice dividends.



Everything cool on the Western front.

China’s trade surplus with the United States rose to $323.32 billion last year, the highest on record going back to 2006, Reuters calculations based on customs data showed on Monday.

That compared with about $275.81 billion in 2017.

China’s exports to the United States rose 11.3 percent last year, while imports from the U.S. only increased 0.7 percent.

Stocks fell Monday, led by losses in tech, as the U.S. corporate earnings season kicked off. Concerns over an economic slowdown in China also dampened sentiment to start off the week.




So do Schumer and Bernie. Does not mean the Chinese will compy


Tech became trump supporters???