Trading wars impact


No reason HK people should be sad. Stock market at all time high. Real estate at all time high. If I were a HKer I would be laughing all the way to the bank every single day (not that I’m not doing so right now in America) :smile:


UAW labor makes about $70/hr with full benefit and pension cost. Is that really a competitive threat to a China?


Yes, as the Chinese saying goes, even a worn out ship has three pounds of nails…


Then they get rusty and weigh a ton.


Even worn-out ship has three catties of iron

1 catty = 1.32277 pound


Sidebar: Does Singapore always use the simiplied characters? Or did Lee change it to cuddle up to China?


It’s not cuddling, it’s being “pragmatic”. Something that HKers should’ve taken note from Deng way back in the 80s.


Over my dead body. Simplied just looks like crap. :face_vomiting:


So glad you asked that question. I was confused because Yoda seemed to switch back and forth sometimes.


both simplified and traditional should co-exist. hker need to learn simplifed and mainland chinese should learn the traditional


Traditional characters could be phased out in HK in due time. But don’t worry, there’s always Taiwan… :rofl:


Sorry for our English speaking audience. A little bit inside baseball for the Chinese readers:



Saw this on my FB feed:


Call me crazy, but Xi likes to revive old fashioned Chinese culture. Nothing is more old fashioned, more Chinese than the traditional characters. Xi may revive the traditional set to make China Chinese again!

Xi just made himself emperor. He had a very strong start already.


Not sure I understand - is this sutra?


Emperor Xi


You’re no longer a Chinese :grin:


Just direct play on the characters. For example, the simplified for 親: 亲, the “見” part is removed. So “亲不見”.




Giving you an opportunity to work harder on your daily Chinese lessons. You should be glad I can read and write in the first place :slight_smile: