Trading wars impact


Hi Hi Hi, I understand…Am I Chinese?


Good translation!

Only the last line in bold should read:

Only the devil, still the devil.

HKers referring to simplified characters (metaphor for China or Chinese government) as the devil.


Yes, you are crazy…


魔 is good


My kids learn the simplified stuff at school - for practicality. I look at their homework and it looks like a travesty to me. :nauseated_face: Also, I have to teach them that stuff like 靜夜思 (famous classical poetry) often sounds much better when recited with 7 tones rather than those nasally sounding 4 tones :wink: :wink: :wink:


Which dialect? Cantonese has 6 tones only.


It has anywhere from 6-9 depending on how anal you get about it.


What? :scream:


Come on, 6 is 6. Entry tones don’t count. If you grew up in HK haven’t they taught you 哥仔記牛腩麵?


Is this a Hong Kong or Cantonese forum?

You speak Cantonese ah?


HAHAHAHA. Great Video. Shades of Stephen Chow. Technically this is an American forum. :slight_smile:


Over represented by ex-Hong Kong people.
wuqijun (kind of)
BAJacket (kind of)


I’m a minority here. I need to learn how to complain about lack of minority rights and stuff.


There are dozens of us!


too many chinese in this forum


I identify as an American :wink:


Actually not that many, the active ones are mostly Chinese Cantonese.




Yoda I’d like to be at the top of the net worth list, not this one.