Trading wars impact


TPP was the perfect weapon to wall in China. Oh well.


Why wall in? You want China to remain the sick man of East Asia like it used to be?


It’s not for me to want it or not. Trump wants it. And he got rid of TPP.


Because you said “oh well”, which implied that you feel it’s a pity that China wasn’t “walled in”.




I don’t get why this is a surprise. It wasn’t that Trump was against the idea. He was against the current form of it. From what I saw, it was more of the same BS where US agrees to fewer and lower tariffs than other countries are allowed. Why should we agree to that?


But the new TPP is also an easier pill for many Asia-Pacific nations to swallow, which should make ratification and longer-term support easier to secure. Gone for now are 22 provisions that U.S. negotiators had insisted on but that were unpopular with potential partners. Those included protections for pharmaceuticals, longer patents and extended copyrights, and some extra protections for corporations against national governments.

The old trade deals mostly deal with old world goods trade of the 50s. We have since morphed into an economy dominated by services. We also need stronger protection of our IP.

Gutting the new trade deals won’t fix the old ones left standing. Unless you think the US can just steamroll everyone else including China and dictate our terms. I don’t think that’s likely. TPP was painstakingly negotiatd over many years.

Maybe China can do a jiujitsu and join TTP to lock the US out. That would be something.


Deport them. :laughing:

Oh, here it is!

The incompetent president.

Now, go! Run! Click that spam button! :laughing:


It’s probably far easier to negotiate with each country. There’s a reason the UN rarely does anything. You can’t get enough people to agree. The more countries the harder it’ll be to reach any agreement. Then good luck amending the agreement later.


Just another promise down the river.


Math is hard.


That’s looking very short-term. The goal is to have more production move to the US. Then the trade deficit will be smaller. Also, if we can get fairer trade on items made in the US, then our exports could increase.

We’re going to have massive federal government deficits. That’s the nature of where we are on social security and medicare. If he’s arguing the tax cut will make the deficit worse, tax cuts have never reduced revenue. It’s the spending that makes the deficit worse.

There are two super common statements that get repeated all the time and both are false:

  1. Lower tax rates means lower tax revenue
  2. Higher interest rates means lower home prices

People repeat both all the time, and neither one has ever happened.



People still get printed newspaper? That industry has been in decline for 2 decades.


I did until last summer when I moved from San Jose.


I do get Sunday mercury news and all day WSJ.


Why? You can get a digital subscription now. Save a tree!


I have digital access too. I used read the physical papers evening and weekends, skimming end to end, but detailed reading finance pages.

Even though I get pdf copies of books or ebooks, I will always physical books.

Perhaps, I may be old school.


The only printed thing I read are the docs at work. That’s so I can write notes. It seems most people read the printed version over the PDF on their laptop. I’m not sure if that’s just culture, since everyone mimics execs or actual personal preference.


I find it easier to read hardcopies especially when there are many pages and have annexes. Can lie down on the bedroom to read them.