Trading wars impact


Today, as of now, the stock market lost whatever gains had achieved for 2018. I am not trying to intimidate nor scare anybody, but in our office, tons of people are looking out there to cash in their 401Ks.

Let me remind you the trumpeters that this debacle of the stock market started as soon as the vulgar president said “tariffs”. Add to it, attacks to the free market by trying to destroy Amazon, and going around the globe insulting foreign dignitaries.

Oh, somebody here calling himself an investor promised me a surprise for Nov. 12? I remember him saying the stock market debacle was about the elections.

I think he lost his brains trying to justify anything wrong done by this administration. He is a victim of himself. May he rest in peace.


Tell them to do asap.


For many of them, too late. If they are not 59 1/2 yo. 10% penalty.

We know how to avoid that 10%, but still, they lost lots of time and $.

I hope the economy gets into a good path, because as of now, only the coolness of those with lots of money in the stock market can keep the economy sane by not getting into a panic mode.


War just got hotter…


U.S. Vice President Mike Pence said on Saturday that the United States would not back down from the trade dispute, and might even double tariffs, unless Beijing bowed to U.S. demands.

Use of threats and bully tactics imply no sincerity for a settlement. Essentially want China to stop trying to replace greenback as the reserve currency, stop the belt and road and 2025 initiative.


American Dream in China…


That is part of the problem. USA wants to push China back to be the sick man of the East. No way China would “bow” down. Why should the Chinese people be condemned to be the slaves and sweatshops for Americans forever. Did Chinese people done something so gross that God want to damn the Chinese people?


It doesn’t have to be confrontational. It can be mutually beneficial :slight_smile:


Then American needs to change the President to be somebody like Obama.


Next election it will.


Pence wants Trump’s job. Trump is already asking around about Pence’s loyalty.


I was in Europe last week in a conference and there was a presentation on cybersecurity. Guess what… 67% of attacks globally, originate in China. Pretty much all the attacks that target IP theft globally originate in China. You now know China’s way to become world leader by 2025. How is China getting away with this?


Constricting belt and one way road… pretty apt…

Lately lot of sentiments against Chinese BRI in Asia. Maldives, Malaysia, Sri Lanka. Lot of countries are realizing that they get debt and unproductive infra while China makes the money. A one way road only for China.



Trump should realize that America might no longer be the top dog and learn to be more humble.


When a president bows to a radical Muslim, the status of a super power is gone. The US no longer makes decision by itself. All the moves are for profit for the guy in the white house.

“It could very well be that the crown prince had knowledge of this tragic event,” the president said. “Maybe he did and maybe he didn’t!”

The statement captured Trump’s view of the world and foreign policy, grounded in economic necessity. It began with the words “America First!” followed by “The world is a very dangerous place!”


China stocks are rallying despite getting the pink slip :thinking:


As they should. Way oversold. People are mindless lemmings.


Is this a cultural thing? I mean, the stock market nowadays is like trying to hit a moving target with your eyes blind folded. But people are still trying to impress with numbers and graphics what they are doing, knowing that it is a lost cause. Do they like gambling?

Go to Las Vegas! :smiley:


Wait for latest estimates on Chinese Forex reserve. We have seen this before. Chinese governments market intervention to provide a good picture. Rooted in old communist thinking - Show is important