Trading wars impact


He knew. Make America great again


I think you misinterpreted his intention with that phrase.


Trump will not change.

First, he is politician and his talks are related to local issues, protectionism, entire low wage earners community will like him, vote for him. His base is strong as usual. IMO, he will also win again in coming elections.

Democrats can not change him, but will give enough troubles to him like the same way Obama faced last 6 years of his tenure.

It is a stale government for next 6 years. Trump will realize what obstacles Obama faced. It is fun now.


Of course he won’t. That’s why he’s taking America down the path of failure. Only way to stop him is to remove him from his job.


This is discussion purpose only.

Entire economic failure is not on Trump alone. If Trump/Rep did not approve tax cut on corporations, we would have been like this in 2016 DEC itself. In fact, he extended the good bull run for 2 years by giving tax cut on corporations.

US is business economy. The effect of corp tax cut will have longer benefit & growth for USA.

This is exactly like Obama made changes with health care system.

Tariff and Border walls are really political gimmick to get/focus for more votes than real impact to economy.

It is impossible for Dem.House to impeach him too - at this stage - as it may backfire on next democratic president runner and next elections.

Looks to me, one sided (democratic look) idea to remove.


You really think America wasn’t already in decline before Trump got in office? There’s a reason Bernie and Trump were by far the most popular candidates. They spoke of the same issues. Their difference was the proposed solutions.

If you look at data, wages (adjusted for inflation) have been stagnant for almost 20 years while healthcare, education, and home prices have all increased much faster than inflation. The end result is a lower standard of living for the vast majority of Americans.

It used to be universal that people though their kids would be better off than them. Now only 37% of people think that, and that number has been declining for years.


Yes but Trump exacerbated the situation.


No need to impeach him. Just make sure he doesn’t get the 2nd term. This is where America is better than China. No emperor for life. But before you china-naysayers get too excited, the Chinese probably would not have put an idiot like Trump in the emperor’s seat to begin with.


Good news to stock investors :grinning:


That’s why we, in the thinking world call the people who voted for him under that premise “dumb”. Let me explain you that:

They said “he is not a politician”. You can Google it, you can You Tube it. :smile:

And that he would drain the swamp, in which he is swimming right now.

The end.


It is at the hands of people, Trump’s political stunts,he is crooked enough, IMO, make him come back again.

It is the fun watching How Trump manages both sides (compare Obama last 6 years with Trump last 6 years).

To me, Trump is done his 8 years of work with tax cuts on corp. that is enough for America’s long future. This makes America a long prosperous years to come.


Hillary probably should not run. She might lose to Trump again.


Bloomberg will be the candidate and he will lose.


The last elections, augmented by this stock market that has caused enough losses on retirees, farmers being hurt, companies shutting down thanks to tariffs, well, only masochists can vote for the vulgar and corrupt guy in the white house.


With current situations, it is not good for stock investors, but good for country.

No autocrats, no major moves possible, every one is checked/balanced. Economy has to run on its own by administration.

It is pure FUN !


The growth in manufacturing jobs, acceleration of GDP growth, acceleration of wage growth, lower unemployment, and higher labor participation rate would beg to differ. Pre-Trump, everyone said America was destined for <2% GDP growth forever, manufacturing jobs weren’t coming back, etc. In 2 short years, he’s been able to reverse some long-term negative trends while accelerating the positive ones.

Look at small business optimism which had already started to decline the last half of 2016 under Obama:


Enough losses?? S&P 500 is up @ 30% since end of 2016.

Do you realize why it is difficult for you to get your message across ?


To many short sighted people the tax cuts make sense.Run even bigger deficits now because you won’t have to pay for it, your children will. Any boost in the economy happen already and I didn’t see much. The economy is about the same as it was when we exited the great recession. The same thing goes with global warming. Kick it down the road and let your children take care of it, if its not to late.


If corp companies like AAPL or GOOGL has not repatriated any money from abroad to USA, I 100% agree on Short Sighted. But, it is open , they did show hidden treasures and brought back to USA openly !

Is this not happened with many corps?

Here are the scenarios. Businesses are behind max rev, cost cut, tax cut etc. They will all loop holes to find out best way to run their shop.

Since economy is globally linked, most of the big companies use tax and law experts to find tax haven companies to hide their money abroad. This is obscure to many public, revealed by 200B Apple cash hidden at Ireland, now repatriated to USA.

Total amount ranges 2.5T to 6.5T over the many years and every public company is hiding it for many years Which is hidden from the normal eyes.

Since this is hidden by normal eyes, you feel tax cut is short sighted, but now all those big billions (Apple, Googl…etc) came to USA and 10% tax provided to IRS.

All along these US companies hidden wealth elsewhere at tax haven state and now tax cut made the venue to bring money to USA, tax to USA, growth to USA.

This has long lasting effect in USA and the change (looks small) but profound and longer to corporate America.


There are 2 sheep on this forum. They know who they are. Hillary was right calling them “deplorable”. No brains by supporting a dumb, ignorant, vulgar, racist against them candidate.

“me want a deal”. Dang! Such dignity!

"At first glance, it looks like a $9 trillion time bomb ready to detonate, a corporate debt load that has continued to escalate thanks to easy borrowing terms and a seemingly endless thirst from investors.

On Wall Street, though, hopes are fairly high that it’s a problem, but a manageable one, at least for the next year or two."