Trump Fired FBI Director Comey. Political Instability?

Trump is savage. Nixon x 10. I need to go back to study the Watergate years to see how economy was impacted. This just turns the instability factor to 12 and throws the whole Trump agenda in question.

Trump said Comey was fired for mishandling Hillary’s case. If you believed that I have a couple bridges to sell you…


How does it create instability? I bet that before his Hillary testimony over 90% of Americans couldn’t even tell you the name of the FBI director. Does anyone even know who it was before Comey without looking it up online?

I’m confused though. Didn’t democrats want Comey fired after he reopened the Hillary investigation just before the election? Now Trump fires him and democrats are mad that he did it? I swear, Trump could get single payer passed with a 90% tax rate on millionaire incomes to fund it and democrats would still be mad about it.

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Comey is also investigating Trump. That’s the whole Nixon Saturday night massacre in replay. Spoiler: it didn’t end well.

This is about the worst way to handle the Russian investigation. Even if Trump is clean as a whistle the optics is horrible. And in politics it’s often the optics that counts.


Comey was an embarrassment. .But without his Hilary investigation Trump woukd have lost…Theres gratitude for you. .


He can’t even lie properly & he is (now) a politician! That’s incompetence of the highest order.

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The investigation started in July of last year and as of Comey’s March testimony to Congress hasn’t found anything. If Trump was firing Comey over that investigation, why wait until now to do it?

Don’t waste your time with “unbiased” people manch…:scream:

They say they are apolitical, but any chance they have all they talk is about Hillary, Benghazi, democrats, liberals, blah, blah, blah. But they never criticize the idiot in the white house nor the republican party.

Just read them, understand them, they twist their words in any topic, slither like serpents, but never, ever throw a criticism on this administration even though is clear they are not going to investigate themselves, which is what is worrying the American people.

But they are not biased at all.

Anyway, I still repeat my mantra, what’s the love for Russia from these despicable and deplorable republicans? Never mind! Money! All they hear, and smell is money, and running they come, hell with America.

I don’t think the Russian stuff goes all the way up to Trump. At least I haven’t seen any evidence yet. But in politics it’s not about the crime. It’s always the coverup. And they are covering up big time.

Bad move, Trump. 2018 can’t come fast enough.

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What are they covering up? 8 months of investigation and the FBI admits they have zero evidence.

Some of you are the same people that said Hillary’s email wasn’t an issue, since she wasn’t charged with a crime. You looked the other way as Bill had a secret meeting with the AG a couple of days before the AG said they wouldn’t pursue charges. You claimed there was nothing to see despite the FBI stating she did break the law, but they didn’t recommend charges since they couldn’t prove intent. That means you believe a lawyer who’s been a senator and cabinet member and was “one of the most qualified presidential candidate ever” can’t tell what a classified email is. That’d be hilarious if it wasn’t so sad.

Wow! I have seen people commenting on this topic, but one of them wins the trophy. The one saying he is not biased but never saying anything negative nor anything of a critic for the turd in the white house. Instead, he goes to deflect on Hillary, Obama, blah, blah, blah, the same old story, deflect! The elections are over!

Comey was in L.A. doing something at the FBI headquarters there. On TV, he sees he has been fired. This has caused the FBI to be behind Comey. 400 agents replaced their own picture online for the one from Comey. You never, ever, as a president interfere in a federal investigation, never! And piss off the FBI? Oh boy!

Then, the idiot in the WH says that it was Sessions suggesting the firing, then this other guy, no, it was me, no, and so on. On top of that, he threatens Comey commenting something about tapes. Is that really a president or a foreign dignitary? Can he shut up and let things work out? That face of a mentally ill person really is making us look like a banana republic. Actually, I think we just got the diploma for it.

The idiot, wanted loyalty from Comey. He was shown the finger and that’s not acceptable for the turd. That dinner meeting by itself was worst than Bill meeting the AG. And worst of all, who is the AG now? Another liar caught lying under oath? Dang! You ought to be stupid to believe in this administration.

Twhitler then, invents that Comey had said to him 3 times he wasn’t under investigation. Which throws up on the air the conspiracy theorists like never before. It proves then that he was interfering in an investigation by trying to seduce Comey to tell him what’s going on.

But that’s OK, the ignorant in the white house has a “registered” letter stating he is free of any wrongdoing, of having any businesses with the Russians. A registered letter? WTF? Is that really a thinking, smart president that doesn’t know a registered letter from a notarized one?

No wonder this idiot in charge of our country can stand the press. Any minute he opens his mouth, his 5th grade language ruins it all.

Now, I wonder why the retuglicans in congress closed Benghazi? Hmmm…me thinks that it was a crappy meme and it worked wonderfully, it made some not smart voters go for the dumb in the white house.

Oh, don’t forget this: The American media didn’t have access to the meeting between the Russian foxer and Twhitler. Instead, the Russian spy photographer was allowed to roam free in the white house. It shows how loyal you are to your boss by saluting his envoy in the middle of a crisis of credibility. Now, the entire world knows that we have a weak president. You just thrown some compliments at him, and he will open the white house for you, if you have a deal to make. The Chinese guy can tell you, the others too. Ask Ivanka. She knows. She was there with the checkbook ready.

Oh, I forgot! Imagine, close your eyes, imagine if Obama were to have that relationship with say…any Muslim dignitary. Defending him to death, being caught dealing with him, or being under investigation for something related, but inviting him to the white house with no media present but the Muslim media? Dang! Impeachment would start same day! We would have the congress gathering in an emergency.

But Benghazi, but Bill Clinton, But Hillary, but emails. Aren’t you tired of deflecting?

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I don’t know why, but in mi country of origin we call these guys, you know, those guys who don’t like girls but men? I forgot the adjective, you may know it.

FBI spent 8 months investigating and Comey testified that they had zero on Trump and Russia. So your point is?

Why are liberals upset with Trump firing Comey???..Comey singlehandedly helped defeat Hilary with the email investigation and inappropriate timing if his announcements…The guy is a political hack and a liability. …Not surprised when he said he wouldn’t be loyal to Trump…Of course in turn Trump wasn’t loyal to him

If it wasn’t tragic, I would be laughing at this stupid guy…really!

REPUBLICANS: Anybody mishandling information should go to jail.

We can’t have a person not knowing what’s confidencial or classified information. In my administration…I will be the leaker! :stuck_out_tongue:

The Washington Post, citing current and former U.S. officials, reported that Trump provided Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Ambassador Sergey Kislyak classified intelligence that was so sensitive it had been withheld from allies – and under close hold within the U.S. government as well. <----------::scream::scream:

"To compromise a source is something that you just don’t do," Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Bob Corker, R-Tenn., said. <---------:scream::scream:

“That’s why we keep the information that we get from intelligence sources so close…to prevent that from happening.”

I give secrets to a Russian all the time…Problem is she doesn’t listen…lol…I personally think Russia is a natural ally…Most Russians I know hate their government as much as we hate ours…plenty in common. …

Hillary wasn’t charged with a crime, so why should Trump be charged? If you want to argue they should both be in jail, then that’s a valid argument. You can’t logically argue one should be in jail but not the other.

Hillary and Trump should get together, neither of their spouses can stand being around them…lol