Trump Fired FBI Director Comey. Political Instability?


Let me see…I think I remember that this country is based on “presumed innocent until proven guilty” So…I want 9 investigations on Twhitler. Just 9 to start with, like the ones on Benghazi which were ended by…republicans! And keep the pressure for 30 years.

Oh, I forgot! By the time we get to 10 years, Alzheimer will be taking over. I want those investigations as of now before we spend $ millions on depends!

Gee! I forgot! Republicans won’t prosecute their own. Reagan and Oliver North contaminating the entire country with crack, selling cocaine to buy guns for the Contras and dealing with Iran reminds me of such pardons. Never mind!

Another “I forgot”. Marcus is so unbiased. I am still waiting for any criticism of Twhitler, just one little, tiny one. Such a no bias guy he is…:scream:


It’s non-biased to say if one should go to jail, then they should both go. Only a biased person can think only one of them should go to jail.

You are still too dense to understand that all I do is take your criticism of Trump and point out when democrats did the same thing. You get so angry when Trump does it, but you don’t care when the democrats did the same thing. That’s the pinnacle of irrational and emotional bias.


Comey was wrong to drop a bombshell literally days before election, which turns out to be a nothing burger. Is it the reason why Trump fired him? If you believed that’s the case I have bridges to sell you.

Comey and FBI are investigating Trump campaign. In fact Comey just asked for more resources for the investigation. It doesn’t matter whether anything will come out. All that matters is that the investigation is still ongoing. At worst it could amount to obstruction of justice.

It’s never the crime. It’s always the cover up. I don’t believe Trump himself has nefarious connection to Russia. But what he did to cover up is impeachable offense. Just like it’s not illegal for Bill Clinton to have sex with an intern, but what he did to lie and cover it up is far worse.


I don’t get why Comey asked for more resources when he testified they had zero evidence. 8 months and zero proof, then he asks for more resources? Personally, I wouldn’t ask for more resources unless I was confident in some leads. If you ask for more and still find nothing, then you’re going to look like an idiot.

He hasn’t lied under oath yet. If he does, then it should be impeachable. I don’t get why people go to such lengths to cover stuff up anyway. History has shown, if you admit it and ask for forgiveness then the public goes easier on you.


It doesn’t matter why Comey asked for more resources or if he found anything. All that matters is that investigation is ongoing. Imagine the furor if Obama fired Comey when the FBI was investigating Hillary. It turned out to be nothing. But was it OK to fire Comey in 2016? Absolutely not.

Now Comey was investigating the Trump campaign. Is it OK to fire Comey in 2017? Hell no.


Trump and Hilary in the same cell…Sounds like poetic justice…


Market tanked. This is serious stuff.


We’ve gone almost 2 months without a 1% decline. That’s pretty amazing. This isn’t even a Brexit or Trump is going to win size dip. It’s not even worth changing positions at this point. It did screw my NFLX weekly options.


In the last 50 years we have had some of the worst Presidents in American History…In fact I reminds me of the 1865-1900 period…Presidents then were so horrible that 2 were murdered and no one cared. It was like a private club serving business…The people had no say or concern…Since 1967 we have suffered thru Nixon, Johnson, Bushes, Carter, Ford…The worst of the worst…Some liked Reagan, Many hated him…Same with Obama…Clinton was impeached…Sorry but Trump compared to this lot can’t be that much worse…The ship of state moves inexorably. .The Stock market has gone from 1000 to 20000, 20x…Palo Alto house prices from $25k to $2.5m, 100x
Whoever is president really doesn’t matter that much…


Happened to my short NVDA $127 puts. Closed them just in case more deep price declines which would turn the almost worthless puts to worth something. Still open short puts $105 and $117, don’t expect $15 drop over two days :smile:


I rest my case…ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


Marcus! They are looking for you!


Isn’t this a disgraceful thing?

A foreign country willing to provide transcripts of what happened inside our own white house?

Where are our transcripts? We know this corrupt administration stopped recording anything int he white house to cover their tracks.

Pictures shown around the world were taken courtesy of the Russian media? Really? We Americans don’t deserve to step in our own house but Russian yes? Oh boy!


[quote=“buyinghouse, post:32, topic:2296, full:true”]

Its not the same thing. Hillary was careless by using a personal email account for department of state business. Trump disclosed classified material to the Russians (Thats why he closed the meeting to the press) and asked the FBI not to investigate Flynn any longer. That’s obstruction of justice. That’s what did Nixon in.


I have no problem with collaboration with Russia. …In fact the whole cold war mess was basically a plot to prop up the military industrial complex that Eisenhower warned about…Russia is not our enemy. …They just want respect. …And with thousands of warheads they deserve respect…Why do think lil Kim in north Korea is building his stockpile. .he just wants respect.


@buyinghouse You don’t even realize how irrational you are. It’ll be OK. Trump can just pull the Clinton trick and testify he doesn’t recall what he said. It works every time. If you want to talk transcripts, where’s the one of Hillary’s FBI testimony? There’s supposed to be a transcript of all sworn testimony. They didn’t follow that process for Hillary, so the public will never know what she told the FBI.

Everyone freaking out about Russia is funny. Where were you when Obama and Hillary approved selling Russia uranium mining rights?


I am still waiting for that criticism of Twhitler. Oh boy…this is boring to the level of suckers level 3.

Man! I thought I had seen the same comments being spouted by the deplorable, but I was wrong, they are everywhere, including this forum, I see it here, repeated from a parrot.

The fact is, Clinton was one of nine voting members on the foreign investments committee, which also includes the secretaries of the Treasury, Defense, Homeland Security, Commerce and Energy, the attorney general, and representatives from two White House offices — the United States Trade Representative and the Office of Science and Technology Policy. (Separately, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission needed to approve (and did approve) the transfer of two uranium recovery licenses as part of the sale.)

Chris Wallace, host of “Fox News Sunday,” made that point when he questioned Schweizer about his lack of evidence connecting the donations to the uranium deal. (Fox News was among the media outlets that received an advance copy of his book.) Schweizer made the counterargument — again without any evidence — that the investors bought her silence by making contributions to the Clinton Foundation.


I continue to think our economy is on all cylinders, the only short term risk is massively stupid thing coming out of Trump. And today we got a big dose of it:

I think the market will overcome this but volatility will be quite a lot higher going forward.

Couple points:

  1. Tax reform is probably a goner. Trump has to nominate and get Congress confirm a new FBI director. And Congress will be busy with investigations. Trump really only have one year to do his stuff. Next year everyone will worry about the midterm.

  2. There will be more leaks on Comey. This is what did Hillary in with her email. Every now and then there came new stuff. The headlines never went away. Now Trump gets a taste of that. Also Trump is going into a trust deficit. Sean Spicer is the modern day Baghdad Bob.

  3. There is or will be enough material to mount an impeachment. If Dems take back the house in 2018, as seems likely, we will have a 24-7 circus show in 2019. Trump may not be able to survive 2019.


Even NATO is scheduling their presentations to be of 4 minutes long, otherwise the man-child in the white house won’t understand anything. And they are very carefully thinking of what they are going to be telling, such information may end up in the enemy hands.


And after this article, it doesn’t look like the bad news is going away quickly for a stock rebound…