Trump Fired FBI Director Comey. Political Instability?


They are so worried, they want to dry the poor people’s bank accounts…

How disgusted I am with these people. Really, disgusting!


If you haven’t started to get to know the child in the white house, this investigation will put a bunch of nails on his coffin. He hates criticism, and this will make him more paranoid of what he is. He will start accusing, complaining and attacking other branches of the government. The result will be that nothing will get done and our economy may suffer a reversal of what’s gained so far.

According to CNN, the Justice Department appointed former FBI Director Robert Mueller as special counsel to oversee the federal investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election, including potential collusion between Trump campaign associates and Russian officials.


I suspect it will rebound tomorrow. Will watch the Asian open later tonight.

Trump made enemy out of the entire intelligence community. We will have leaks coming out every week or so. It’s exactly like how the Hillary email scandals unfolded. So every week or so there will be new headlines and new scandals. It will bleed the Trump admin dry.


@manch, I agree with you that it looks similar to Hilary scandal in terms of potential press-release disaster. However, you forget that Trump is master media manipulator. He has gotten what he wanted when he wanted how he wanted out of the entire US media like a skillful puppeteer. Love him or hate him, but that’s the truth.

If my hypothesis is correct, you will see something else coming out of WH/Trump in next day or so… something else that will cause everyone to talk/think about that thing and everyone including us will forget about this episode. That’s his MO.


If the Russian stuff is an one-off, I agree. But things will constantly drip out, that’s why it’s so damaging. Every time we are about to forget a new shoe will drop. About his media skill, no doubt Trump is shoulders above regular politicians. But I suspect a large part of it is Trump’s novelty. “Oh, he will say any darn thing!” It’s wearing off fast. Trump is not running against anybody now. It’s no longer a “race”. People have a certain expectation of the president.

Anyhow I think the media has some antibodies against Trump now. If I were not on this train it’d be very fun to watch… :frowning:


Meanwhile Pence is making moves…

Why watch House of Cards when real life politics is more fun? :smile:


Pence should scare some people more than Trump. The guy is a Bible thumping nut case. Prayer will fix healthcare and cure cancer. Everyone get to church on Sunday and be cured.


Futures are up so probably.


I agree, he is a badmouth manipulator.

Eventually, as it’s happening, people want results, not blah, blah, blah. And this Russia investigation is going to be hard on him. He hates criticism, and when it comes from the same government he will try to manipulate his way out. The more he talks, the more he sinks with his own Titanic.

He is a sick person no matter what. This country shouldn’t be accepting this kind of behavior. Trying to control the 3 branches of government through BS, intimidation, false accusations should be something he should pay for.

At least take the tweeter account away from him. The country will appreciate him taking time to see there are better things to do than acting as a teenager with a brand new phone in his hands.


I think people should calm down and focus on economic growth and technological innovation rather than all these FBI investigation/impeachment nonsense. Too many American politicians focused on wrong priorities. No wonder America has lost the number one spot on top. Will continue to lose ground to China if persists… and unfortunately it will persist…


Media can say anything but eventually fact will rule. I think it’s the dem’s strategy to use media to constantly attack trump. The hope is if you throw a million things, maybe something will stick. It’s not an election year, I guess the real purpose is to distract trump so that he’ll get less done. Trump will have to spend more time to defend and more time to get angrier with media.

Hillary is now officially advocating “opposition”. More time will be spent on media wars. Media will be ruled by politics as long as Trump in office.

Americans will be well versed in politics after a few years. Hope the tax cut would still come soon


We need 9 investigations as the idiots in the republican congress and their cohorts advocated for so many years on Benghazi so anything could stick to Hillary. Any person with a brain in that skull would understand the principles of democracy, no one is above the law. Prosecute, if guilty or innocent, be it.

Only an idiot wouldn’t understand our democracy is in danger here. We can’t have a man-child, a 70 years old badmouthing everybody, insulting everybody, attacking other branches of government against the décor and the respect other presidents have shown for the independence of the 3 branches of government.

We can’t have a child that doesn’t learn how to jump the ropes no matter how many people are advising him on how to do it.


Separately, McClatchy News Service reported Wednesday that before Trump took office, Flynn had blocked an Obama administration military plan, opposed by Turkey, against the Islamic State group. Unknown to the Obama administration, Flynn had been paid more than $500,000 to advocate for Turkey’s interests.

McClatchy says Flynn declined to OK a request from Obama officials to approve a military operation involving the IS stronghold of Raqqa, effectively delaying the operation. The Trump team had been asked since the operation was likely to be carried out after Trump took office.

Turkey has long opposed U.S. forces working with Kurdish forces.


Please, please…please…:cold_sweat:


It’s not rather than, both need to happen in a fair and just & dynamic society. Of course, it’s not nonsense for people who understand how strong democracies function.

Which broad economic indicator are you talking about?

China will persist to grow? Sure Like every other nation - some will grow faster and some slower?

  1. The term “democracy” is way overrated. China never was a democracy but has been growing like mad.

  2. GDP in PPP terms

  3. America will persist to lose more ground to China because politicians here failed to prioritize the most important things (economic growth and technological innovation) and instead focused on other things.


I’ve heard this from lot of people, almost all of them who haven’t grown up in a democracy.
Democracies do not execute 2000+ people every year or build freeways or cities paying the landowners peanuts or nothing in compensation. Not everything in life is about growth.

18 of the top 20 GDP countries are democracies. So, China is an exception & not the norm. We do not make examples of exceptions.

Total GDP(PPP) while important does not reflect the prosperity of citizens. Per capita is what matters. If I have a family of 8 earning members each earning $1000s, total income =$8000, vs 2 family members earning $4000 each = $8000, total income is not that important. Also, It’s easier to grow from $2000/capita to $8000/capita nominal or $15000/capita (PPP).

There is no doubt that China’s GDP & hence per capita GDP will continue to grow, however the rate of growth will most likely decelerate now that it’s in middle income country status. Also, there is a double whammy of it’s population aging much quicker than what other countries in this cycle of economic status normally have.

Since, when did you become an astrologer? :slight_smile:
It’s hard for me to even predict the price of Twitter stock. :wink:

Yes, USA will most probably continue to lose more ground to China but also to India(and to other low income countries), because these countries have been performing below their potential for a long time and will(hopefully) rise up to their potential.

Other things are a NECESSARY but NOT SUFFICIENT condition for economic growth & fairness & justice for democratic countries.

I love :love_letter: the Chinese people and I admire what China has achieved in terms of economic development so quickly.


China is doing well today. But a generation or two ago tens of millions died from famine because of that mad man Mao. Democracy can be viewed as an insurance policy such crap never happens.

I actually am more bullish on America than China. We have better demographics. China maybe the only country that gets old before it gets rich. By the way that’s in part due to its stupid one child policy which would never happens in a democracy. We attract the best people from all over the world. Versus china that’s been exporting its best and brightest (like @wuqijun haha) to America.

  1. Democracy is overrated because the success of America is not based on democracy, unlike some people here who might think otherwise. The prosperity of a country is based on 2 things: capitalism and an intelligent, educated populace. Notice that both of these attributes have nothing to do with democracy.

  2. China is not an exception. It is just following the path of all the rest of the developed countries. Eventually it will become just as developed as America and Europe.

  3. The GDP example I gave is to reflect the fact that America has already lost ground to China, because it used to be number 1. America is definitely still a lot wealthier on a per capita basis, but has lost ground nonetheless.

  4. Aren’t you guilty of becoming a prophet too, predicting China’s deceleration because of a demographic crisis. What makes you so sure that China will have one in the future?

  5. India will probably fail to rise to its potential because, remember the 2 things I said are the criteria for prosperity: India’s population is not an intelligent, well educated one. To make things worse, India will continue to lose its best and brightest to emigration.

  6. Even though I have a Chinese heritage, I am an American and do wish it the best. However, I feel that America really should focus on what China is focusing hard on, if it wants to have any chance of keeping up with that rising giant.


No, 18/20 top GDP countries are democracies, hence it is not overrated. People who think it is overrated need to calm down.

That’s the goal for China, sure & we will know when & if it gets there.

Tell us something new. :slight_smile: & I did explain why that is so in my last post.

No, because it’s not I who is saying this.
Middle income trap is an well researched economic term.
Here ->

Also here are the links on China’s aging population problem

As I said above, it’s not me, it’s what has been observed in the past & the Chinese government recognizes it too. & I never said I was sure
Here are some of the steps China is taking & it is doing so because Chinese economists recognize the truth.

You do have a sense of humor sometime. :slight_smile:

I think we should all learn from each other. Right now China is reading Adam Smith & not Karl Marx.

Again, no disrespect to anyone.

I’m slightly drunk , weekend’s almost here :wink: Cheers everyone :beers:


Um… democracy is a nice to have. But Yes, overrated nonetheless. Also, China’s demographic problem is nothing but a prediction. Because people are predicting a future event not yet realized. And I think you are too serious and lack any sense of humor. Cheer up! :slight_smile: