Trump Fired FBI Director Comey. Political Instability?


Everybody think communism can’t make it, and democracy is the best and the only way to prosper. Hence, this exception screw their worldviews and they are now in denial.


Actually, Communism did fail. But China is only a communist country in name… it’s policies have long since diverted from Communism. Capitalism, not democracy, is the best and the only way to prosper. Hence, China does not have democracy but is still prospering.


We need economic freedom and rule of law to prosper. China has that to a certain degree so it’s doing quite well now.

But the best way to safeguard freedom and rule of law is by democracy. It’s really what Churchill said. Democracy is the worst except for all the other systems that fail.

China was poor like North Korea under Mao. Switched over to capitalism under Deng. Why can’t it change back to North Korea under another guy? That’s the core problem with Chinese system aka dictatorship. And Xi looks more like Mao than Deng to me.


I think capitalism is more important to prosperity than democracy. It’s not a coincidence that as China has become more capitalist, it’s become more successful.


I don’t think that’s quite the right kind of interpretation of how things work.

America was unfree in the 19th century. It had slavery. Switched over to democracy in the 20th century. Why can’t it change back to slavery in another century? Isn’t that the core problem with American system? And Trump looks more like a slave owner than a freedom fighter to me.

Now, compare the above statement to the statement you were describing China. Do you see the fallacies in both?


My comment was in response to a comment that “democracy is overrated”. I didn’t make any comment on communism OR how good or bad it is, & 2ndly the only relation of communism with China is the Communist party. Otherwise, it’s a capitalist country, except no freedom of speech(which prevents free thinking and might prevent innovation) & choice of government.


Anyways, in relation for this thread i will repeat what I said before:


except no freedom of speech(which prevents free thinking and might prevent innovation) & choice of government.

That’s another misunderstanding or gross simplification of reality. China only has a restriction of speech in certain political agenda. They are doing so to maintain stability and party control. However, there is a ton of free thinking and innovation in the area that actually matters the most to people: a prosperous economy.

Also, based on polls a vast majority of the populace are actually content and happy with the government. They don’t see a need to change it. China’s government is the way it is because its population approved of it. It is not suppressing a population that want to overthrow it.


America can’t change back to slavery because the constitution explicitly bans it. And we have a strong democracy and rule of law to see that through.

America’s freedom was not absolute and democracy excluded lots of people in its early days. Sure. Bygone. What’s important is today. Compare to china iwe are miles ahead.

I see democracy as a very good insurance policy. Just like people once you get rich you worry more about preservation of capital. Same thing with countries. What we are seeing now is an excellent exhibition of America democracy at work. Our founders are geniuses. Checks and balances are working now.


I will believe this when I see Chinese refusing American green cards. So far I see the opposite.


Yes, America is not changing back to slavery. By the same token, China is not changing back to Communism. Why? Because both systems have proven to be inferior to the current system. People always strive for the better. I think you are only able to observe the system of checks and balances in America because it is obvious. However, that does not mean China lacks such system and can just revert back to the old ways.

Also, Chinese are hungry for US green cards because America is a much more prosperous society than China. That has nothing to do with people’s level of satisfaction with the Chinese government.


Economic freedom and rule of law are good for economic development. Democracy hurts economy.

Rule of law is more important than democracy. Democracy can not be idolized.


Very confused.

Communism, Democracy, Socialism = Forms of government
Capitalism = Economic system
Rule of law = Legal system
Are capitalism and rule of law implies from the forms of government?


Communism, Socialism, Capitalism --> Economic system
Democracy, Authoritarianism --> Forms of government
Rule of law --> This applies to all forms of governments

America: Capitalism + Democracy + Rule of law
China: Capitalism + Authoritarianism + Rule of law

Only difference between America and China is the form of government. Economic system is the same. Both countries have a well defined set of laws. However, one can argue that America can enforce its laws better than China because its system is more developed and less corrupt.



The US wasn’t founded as a democracy. It’s a constitutional republic. Initial voting rights were very limited. The founders had very specific reasons for limiting voting rights. The US became the largest economy in the world while most people still couldn’t vote.

The US was far more capitalist in the beginning. It changed significantly after the great depression.

It’s not a coincidence we’ve become less capitalist as voting rights have expanded.


Economically, USA is still doing very well. Obviously, some are left behind. The thing we need to do is limit media fake news and dramas. Journalists have a free card to talk garbage and sing song without consequence.


I think USA is like GM or Ford, big established company that needs to look out for disruptors like TSLA that might make it become obsolete…


USA would remain the world bully so long greenback is the reserved currency of the world.
USA knows it, other nations know it, how to move away is the question :smile:
The biggest debtor calls :blush: the shot.


China and India both have 3x+ the population of the US. They should have bigger economies. The US could still enjoy a solid GDP per capita which would provide a good standard of living for most.