Trump Fired FBI Director Comey. Political Instability?


We are talking about benefits. As I said, I went to the office, came back, took my family to the dentist, went to Pollo Loco, then we ate at home, watched a movie and no list of the magnificent, glorious events you will tell me?

Oh, the promises delivered may be one too many, right?

It’s OK, I am patient, I am sitting down right now on a padded chair. :scream:


So your life is no worse due to Trump.

Let me follow this. You are mad about the things Trump wants to do. You don’t think they should happen. Then you’re mad he hasn’t done the things you don’t want him to do.


Half the country hates Trump because they are democrats. So they will talk shit about him no matter what he does. Good or bad.


Bunch of Muslim terrorists dancing…oh, that’s in the streets of New Jersey!

Twhitler! I found proof you were right! :scream:


I feel sorry for Trump…He only ran for the chicks, the adulation, fame, power and money…He already had all that…Being POTUS means he is restricted to all those goodies, even the wife doesn’t want to join the circus in Washington


Now, the poor guy is turning his “Christianity” into a sorcerer type of endeavor.

Hey guys! Finally somebody found that famous crystal ball !!!


I am telling you guys, really, the quality of our presidents has been going down in the drain since January.

Here it is, the very hard fact that, as I learned in immigration court, you kind of don’t elaborate on a question, just say yes or no.

Here, your dear leader open-mouth-stick-foot just made some people in this world think we are a circus.

While speaking to Netanyahu, in Israel, Trump said, “We just got back from the Middle East.” He was referring to the previous leg of his trip in Saudi Arabia, which, like Israel, is in the Middle East.

Huh? He didn’t know Israel is located in the Middle East? Oh boy, Run for your lives! :smile:


Come on, Trump is a stud, not a nerd. Only nerds know anything about geography. :slight_smile:




I don’t recall him ever getting high marks in your books.


The hypocrisy is stounding!


In America we don’t need no stinking geography lessons…My apologies to the banditos in the Treasure of the Sierra Madre…lol



Sold out democracy? People still went out and voted. They just have more information about the DNC than the DNC wanted. Democracy requires the public to be informed. There’s still zero proof Guccifer 2.0 has any ties to the Russian government.


Dear comrade:

This is not about republicans and/or democrats.

This is about the rule of law. Never in history we have seen a president begging subtly to stop an investigation, even an inquiry would be something Obama would be impeached for. But this so called president gets into insulting, attacking, demeaning, threatening whomever doesn’t agree with him.

Time to have an adult at the table. Or not somebody insulting international entities, and political figures, but when in front of them, the coward bends over to receive their medals.

Somebody must say that shoving other dignitaries for a photo opportunity shows somebody is sick in that head. Just look at that face, my respect to deranged people, but he looks like one of them right there. Get the f out of my way! :scream:




Trump, in angry Twitter spree, declares ‘the complete power to pardon’

President Trump went on a Twitter tirade Saturday morning, lashing out at multiple targets, including Obamacare, Hillary Clinton, two newspapers, his own administration and the investigation into whether his campaign colluded with Russia to influence the 2016 election.

Notably, he announced that “all agree the U. S. President has the complete power to pardon.”

The Washington Post reported Friday that, according to a source, Trump has asked his team about “his power to pardon aides, family members and even himself” in connection with the Russia inquiry. Another source told the Post that “Trump’s lawyers have been discussing the president’s pardoning powers among themselves.”

Constitutional lawyer Laurence Tribe and two former White House ethics lawyers contended Friday that presidents can’t pardon themselves.


Trump knows they did something illegal. What the heck is he hiding in his tax returns? Seems more than what we assumed so far, that he doesn’t have all that money he claims he does.

Trump admin is in dumpster fire mode six months in.


Forget about whatever about the Russians, forget about golfing for a minute, forget about anything at all. Since I am not on the business of pleasing everyone but those willing to learn and to understand the truth of what’s going on, here I am.

Before my long statement, why don’t we allow us the luxury of 8 look alike Benghazi investigations on this badmouth in the white house. Let’s sit him before congress and let him speak for a whole day telling us “the truth” about his love for Putin. Believe me, he, being as good in English as I am, will sing like a canary because the poor guy never thinks about anything at all. He just “speaks the truth as it is” say his supporters. His last twitters are an example of why a sick person should not be allowed to both own a gun and a twitter account. He will either kill people, of shoot himself in the mouth.

Let’s concentrate on the attitude of this man child. Come on! Excuse my French and my Spanish, but if Obama were saying 1% of what this idiot in the white house has said, all the “ladies” and gentlemen who using their ill knowledge voted for this turd would be delightfully commenting, or smiling on this topic.

They would be thinking on how dare he says these stupid things. I know so far one person, right…hmmm. he knows his name, who delightfully brings something about Obama attacking the police force, and he mentions it by twisting or interpreting and repeating the fake news from Alex Jones, Breit-fart, Foxnews, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and all those how have made their money by repeating nonsense which in the ears of those ignorant enough tastes like mana falling from the sky. The poor lost souls still think the Jade Helm exercise in Texas allowed Obama to take over that state. :star_struck:

But when this poor guy insults a national hero as McCain, when he called the generals being in the rubble. When he pretends to be a fit military person, and still missed to salute the military people during the famous lost in the jungle episode when he walk away from the limousine when it was right on his face, his followers went back to “but Obama didn’t salute that soldier” blah, blah, blah.

It’s been 6 months, and perhaps about 2 years since some noble, delusional, and perhaps ignorant people got hooked on the idea that this idiot would be “presidential” matter…and voted for him. Anything wrong about it? No. But their silence witnessing the destruction of what it was the perfect democracy to copy is already a nausea in the stomach of those patriot Americans. We became the cartoonist’s target, the laugh of town, the circus coming to the city. And these people voting for this narcissist president are still reading, and not accepting any responsibility whatsoever. I read them asking dumb questions, or pretending to participate, but never, ever, accepting responsibility in their voting act.

Any good business adviser, any HR guy will tell you that any criticism towards you doesn’t make you a failure, but a mark on the road that helps you to discover the mistakes of your actions and that you need to change course from now on, or you will fired.
Instead of taking anything as it comes, as a learning experience, this poor example of a human being in the white house, shows the symptoms of a diseased person. He thinks that the presidency is an event where he is going to get a throne and a king title.

And for that observation, I will ask those how work on the HR department. Given the situation, after your employee in question is advised to change course, to stop twitting while working, to stop insulting his peers, to not be a racist and a misogynist, to understand that there other departments having some leverage on the decisions that affect the entire company, but he insists in attacking those managers, intimidating, threatening with firing them, would you really keep that type of employee? If you do, believe me, I really doubt you are as sane as that employee.

I will repeat my famous question: What’s this love from these republicans for the Russians?

A coincidence? :smile:

Russia’s ambassador to Washington Sergei Kislyak, a key figure in ongoing U.S. investigations into Moscow’s meddling in the 2016 presidential election, ended his tenure on Saturday.

Nothing there folks! Just your normal change of diplomats. :kissing_closed_eyes::money_mouth_face: