Trump Fired FBI Director Comey. Political Instability?


Challenge to those still supporting this dumb president:

Have you heard him talking about imposing sanctions against Russia for meddling in our elections?


But congress will do.


Sending a message to coerce FBI employees to toe official line.

Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe was set to officially retire on March 18, but according to a source familiar with the matter, he could be fired just days before and lose his pension after a more than two-decade career at the bureau.


I don’t think it’s about that. McCabe had a pretty long list of things he shouldn’t have done, since the FBI is supposed to be politically impartial.


Law enforcement is better to stay impartial politically. We don’t want this country become another Russia and China.

FBI employees can vote whoever they like. But when they exercise their law enforcement power, politics should not be a consideration.

Leaders should be elected by voters. No meddling is allowed from law enforcement.


FBI recommends firing, justice department will need to decide. Does Justice Deparetment usually follow the recommendation?


Trump hires the BEST people!!!


It’s also a lower ranked law school with easy admission. Only positive is that it’s the 3rd best law school for African Americans, Harvard is #5, Georgetown is #4. At least it beats Harvard in this measure.

We need to limit the number of law schools and cut the lawyers by 90%. Too many bogus lawyers and too many lawsuits. Also prohibit lawyers from running for public offices.

The 2007 publication “Best Colleges for African Americans” listed Cooley as the third best law school for African Americans behind Texas Southern School of Law and Howard University and just ahead of Georgetown and Harvard.[32]

During the 2015-2016 application cycle, Cooley admitted 85.8% of applicants. The entering fall 2016 class had a median GPA of 2.90 and median LSAT of 141 (15th percentile of test takers).[33] The 25th percentile GPA of enrolled students was 2.60 and the 25th percentile LSAT of enrolled students was 138 (9th percentile of test takers).[34] Law professor David Frakt described Cooley’s 2015 entering class as “statistically the worst entering class of law students in the history of American legal education at an ABA-Accredited law school.”[35]


In another news Paul Ryan is not running. The Dem wave this year looks more and more like the mother of all tsunami.

The other Speaker Boehner is now selling weed?? :exploding_head:


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In another news Paul Ryan is not running. The Dem wave this year looks more and more like the mother of all tsunami.

I don’t think the democrats will win by that much. They will probably win the senate and the house by small margins. There are not that many republicans up for reelection this year in the Senate. In the house they will win but only by a small margin. There are too many deep red districts for them to win by a landslide.


Unless the Dems get 68 senate seats Trump is safe from impeachment


If Trump is impeached, it shows death of Democracy!

I regard Trump as equal as Obama !! Both are/were working for the people !!!


There will be no impeachment. If the Dems win and start impeachment hearings it will blowup in their face.
My guess is gridlock will follow…Which is probably good for stocks.


Cooley Law is in Michigan. Their claim to fame is they have a higher percent pass the bar exam than Harvard. Their attrition rate is huge.


No matter whether you agree (or scold me …), Trump is as dedicated as Obama. He looks at low income people like you and try to help. You do not understand the economics of the country, but he understands clearly.

Because your moral values may be so low Jil. ==> This is unwanted statement, please restrict in future.


Low income people? OK, you’re entitled to your own opinion, except you are not seeing out there. What’s coming is something that will hurt the economy. I can’t say “mark my words”, but you need to look out there, to the horizon, beyond real estate investments. There’s a world out there that you don’t see. Trust me.

Anybody, everybody needs to have moral values. That is the stamp that has made America great. But is futile to say anything because some people, not all, value $ more than anything, and that is corroding the American culture to a point who cares what’s next.

I am a guy with high moral values. I run, no, I fly away when I see anything that smells fishy, or corrupt. I’ve left on the table $36K check commissions for the sake of my dignity and honesty. I am not kidding! I did it 2 years ago. It hurt me economically, but it made me feel great after seeing that I could sleep with my mind very clear on the concept of moral and dishonesty.

Morals have value, you should know that.

And, please, don’t act like this is an insult. Jesus! We are mature people on this forum, not like certain kid clicking on a post he/she doesn’t like because it hurts his “feelings”. Or should I say their moral values?

Oh, you are very savvy on investments, let me tell you that. That is something I can’t argue with/against, no matter what I’ve said. You know I am not serious when it comes to “the other thing”, do you? :wink:

OK…if that helps, my apologies. Sincerely. :wink:


Jil. I believe you sincerely think that Trump is for low income people but he isn’t. Massive tax cuts for corporations will not help. This is the old Reagan trickle down theory that has been disproven in the past. It just won’t help and it will raise the debt for your children to payoff.


Low income people need no handout. What they need is the jobs. They need their president to help them to be able to help themselves. Low income people don’t want to be dependent on others forever, they want to get help to become self sufficient.

When everyone can support themselves, we can cut tax much further.

It’s similar to parents raising kids. Parents can’t feed the baby forever. At some point, babies need to use their hand to put food into their mouth, later make sandwiches and cook dinners, able to shop for grocery, eventually earn money to provide for themselves.


I am thinking you meant no income people, not low income people. Of course it is better to give them jobs but anybody that wants one already has one. Unemployment is very low and has been for quite a while. Economists usually refer to 5% unemployment as full employment for that reason.


Other than the no income people, what income level qualifies as “low income”? What do you want for these low income people? I understand that their income tax is very minimal.

Corporate tax cut is a smart move to make America a good place to attract businesses. That can avoid your children and children’s children out of joblessness or low income job.


Their income tax tax is zero. You could raise the minimum wage. That would help them.