Trump Fired FBI Director Comey. Political Instability?


California has already raised minimum wage without Obama or Trump lift a finger. What do you want from the president?

After minimum wage increase, some low income people lost their job or hours reduced. I hope they can learn some new skills and find better jobs.


California has, but what about the rest of the country. There are still parts of the country where the minimum wage is under $8.

When I said economists consider 5% full employment I meant it. When I was fresh out of college I managed a restaurant in a bad part of Chicago. We had people coming in for jobs that could not spell the name of the street that they lived on. I wound not hire them for minimum wage but they could still get jobs for day labor, farm work, or any of the jobs illegal immigrants take.


So you like the president to raise the federal minimum wage. How many dollars per hour is good?


Are they born in USA? Would be surprised if they are.


Yes they are born here. Mostly dropouts from a poor inner city educational system.


Just this way: I have written this details already. There are plenty of reference about this.

Why do our companies go to China to manufacture? ==> Low Cost
Why do AAPL kept 200B abroad (Ireland)? ==> Low corp tax.

When equally good European countries are charging less corp tax, USA was at higher (one of the top 3) at 39%

These two were making businesses to move the jobs outside USA. So far, 3.5 Tln to 7 Trn were kept out of USA, and more and more companies started following this route.

Now, Trump understood the impact and cut of Corp tax at Mid level, just lower than EU tax heaven countries and encouraged all corps to bring the money back to USA one time 15% tax (or 10% tax). Apple is bringing appx 200B now. What Apple will do with such money? It goes to share holder, investors, projects…everything to Local Economy.

With corp tax reduction, USA has become tax heaven country now. From now onwards, you will see reverse flow of money (from outside world to USA).

This is setting perm. effect, but does not help directly. Such high level concepts can be done at Capital Hill/President level.


What’s the best help for these people? Lower personal income tax? higher corporate tax? More illegal immigration? Or less illegal immigration? Obama was from Chicago, did he change these poeple’ life during his 8 year presidency?


Go to the DHS department when the applicants are coming from their naturalization test. It is deplorable how, and I mean no harm, but it is so hard to understand what they are saying. I wonder who is passing with high honor these people? Even undocumented people speak better English.


We can debate about jobs and whatnot, but his supporters, very naïve to me, think that he is a moral person. He is not. He is the most corrupt, amoral, liar and dishonest president ever. They like to highjack the topics with anything, but watch how they don’t want to talk about the moral component of him. Never! And I bet my money, this post will be called “spam”. They are getting so corrupt here with their thinking it makes me laugh.

He hired Flynn even when Flynn himself told him he was under investigation. And Manafort, and Page, and a guy I call Papanicolau, LOL…and you name the snake, it was hired!

Comey made a good decision by talking to his superior about his encounter with that president. He also said that he didn’t feel comfortable being alone with him. The notes from his boss, forgot his name, match what he said during the interview he went through in congress.

The very core of all this is that a porn lady is bringing down this president. I hope she does for the moral values of this country. We don’t need a mad, adoration obsessed man in the white house that thinks anything and everything revolves around his name.

Watch how everything is about him: He will increase, he will this, and he will do that. Jesus! Congress doesn’t exist?
His skills are deplorable. He has insulted most Americans, but watch, no harsh words for Putin yet. And I mean Putin, not “Russia, bombs are going to be falling on you”.

These so called tax cuts, were a façade. We know that the economy sustains itself on consumer confidence and spending. You wanted tax cuts? Increase the wages to $xx an hour. Did they do it? No! We saw the fanfare about some bonuses thrown out there, but they vanished very quickly. Nobody is getting salary increases while gas and everything is getting 5%-10% increase. Nice job!

Meanwhile, we see WB increasing his fortune in the $ Billions, thanks to tax cuts.


The 4 prior times the US has cut tax rates tax revenue increase for years afterwards. GDP growth accelerated. This time will probably make it 5/5. I’d love to know how faster growth and higher tax revenue increases the deficit.

Deficit = revenue - spending

If revenue increases, that means spending is increasing faster for the deficit to increase. It’s a spending problem.

Unemployment is a bad measure, since it ignores people working part-time and people that gave up looking. Labor force participation of people 25-54is a way better measure. That graph has been posted a bunch of times. It shows how many have left the work force. We have a record number in disability.