Trump on H1B and its impact on SFBA


This is why the whole women only make 70% of what men do is BS. If that was true, a company could hire only women and significantly lower it’s costs.


@buyinghouse You realize the lawsuit was brought by Americans who were fired and replaced by cheaper workers on Visa, right? That’s not how the Visa program is supposed to work, so they filed a lawsuit. We should put Americans first.


Not sure about this. As you said is all about cost, the alternative might be to relocate to Austin/ Seattle or outsource to another nation. I thought most companies say is more expensive to employ H1Bs. I think the reasons for H1Bs are not just right skill but willingness to stay with the company for a reasonable amount of time, say at least 5 years. Most Americans left after 1-2 years. That’s what I heard… me not on the ground, so pardon for any inaccurate facts, correct me please :blush:


For high-skill, that’s true. There’s also the case where they fire all the American workers then hire workers on Visas at a much lower job classification. There’s a few lawsuits against companies for that happening. I’m sure if they couldn’t hire the cheap Visa workers, then those jobs would leave the US.


They already do that, but there are not enough women with STEM skills so they are forced to hire more men than women.


Good to know. This would affect the current hot market, East bay such as Fremont.


Wow! Finally we agree on something! :stuck_out_tongue:

But, as a juristic person, you know, some background in law, I hate to see people being hurt. It’s easy to amend anything than scratch it all and start anew.


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Now, don’t be that happy…here you are!

They’ve gotten through medical school. They’ve applied to residency programs, and been offered a job at a US hospital.

But for some of the 3,814 non-US citizens who graduated from foreign schools and who won coveted residencies in the US, it’s unclear whether they’ll be able to start work on time in the summer.

That’s because a program that allows employers to fast-track H-1B visa applications for their employees has been suspended as of Monday. US immigration officials announced the change just a month ago — and Match Day, when new residents learn where they will be placed was March 17 — leaving some hospitals rushing to figure out who needed this kind of visa and to apply before “premium processing” would no longer be an option.


Lol. So if you knew what the original lawsuit was about, then you wouldn’t have been mad about Trump’s inaction in defending DHS.



Dont worrry Ivanka is actually in charge.


The NewYorker actually had a popup ad selling subscriptions that said, “Fighting fake news with real news”.


The New Yorker is a liberal rag… But it is often very funny. .Trump says a lot of scary crazy shit…There must be a few in his inner circle who know that and let him know the truth. Ivanka and her husband seem pretty level headed and sane…I wonder how much influence they have. .Hopefully more than Steve Bannon


Bannon is old news and already on the outside. I suspect he was used to help win the election then discarded once he wasn’t useful anymore.


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Darn Ivanka!

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See Ivanka, I have a problem with that, it puts our country in a perilous situation. He lost his entire armada!

Now, the surprise is gone! The North Koreans know he is coming!

Speaking of being unpredictable, I wonder if the idiot North Koreans can’t ask the Chinese to use their satellites to watch the progress of the “armada”, I mean, the striking force, pardon my ignorance, you know me, dumb when it comes to the English language. How could I use the term armada, that’s beyond me because I know that’s an obsolete word in the war scenario nowadays, well, at least when you know what you are talking about. My apologies.

Anyway, I am glad to know finally they are doing something about the H1B visas. As I heard from various sources, some of them newbies come to “learn on the job”. So, why not give the chance to an American worker to do the baby steps? Gee, everything is possible!


Indian outsoursing firms may start layoff soon.

I did not know that 86% of H1B visas went to Indians. That’s an incredibly high number.

If Indian firms cut back on H1b visa, local companies may actually hire more H1b workers since local companies will have a better chance to win visa lottery. It could be a positive to BA.


Many big companies already started doing this !!!


Automation of IT tools is going to lead to less jobs. It’s no different than finance and accounting being impacted. There will be more jobs to create the tools, but the tools will eliminate a lot of jobs.


What is the impact on RE in SFBA?
It seems low inventory is propping up and masking decreasing demand.
Alternatively, renters turn owners or long (>10 years?) working experience American tech landlords like Jil and wuqijun are buying rental property.