Trump to run US as family business?

Son in law named senior advisor. Ivanka present in important meetings :slight_smile:



What’s funny is that role is probably a huge pay cut for him. The same is true for many of the cabinet appointees. It’s funny people get upset about the son-in-law, but they think Michelle Obama should run for president.

Its not about the salary but about influence and how to use it for personal gain. Trump has many business interests and he is most likely to exploit them without guilt. He doesn’t consider gaming the system wrong, by his personal admission about tax evasion.


Trump will reveal his tax returns at the end of 4 years or 8 years of his Presidency. That is when he will in REAL be worth 10 billion that he claims today. :smiley:

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You think he’d be the first politician to use power for financial gain? That’s one of the main reasons the founders wanted a small and limited federal govnement and wrote the 10th amendment. That ship sailed long ago and govnement is only getting bigger. I’d expect abuse of power to keep getting bigger. I’d worry less about someone that’s already rich.

Bernie is one of the few that doesn’t seem to be in it for money. The DNC made sure he wouldn’t be the nominee.

So rich people should be exempt from all laws because they are already rich? While poor people are poor because they are lazy and so should be punished?

How much is the get-out-of-jail free card? 10M? 100M? 1B?

I don’t even think Trump is worth as much as he claims.


Although I am no Trump fan, I agree with this statement. It’s our prejudices that make us view one option favorably and another a blasphemy.

That’s not even remotely close to what I said, and you know it. If you think Trump will be the first and last politician to use power for financial gain, then I have ocean front property in Arizona to sell you. Only getting upset about one person’s potential abuse says more about you than it says about that person.

It’s a blessing to have billionaires to run our government. The most dangerous politician is someone who has been poor all his life and is hungry for bribes and donations.

We should require all the politicians to be able to support themselves without relying on government. That way, most of the bad politicians in SF will be starving and they will leave politics and redeem the people of the city.

Dirt poor people should focus their energy in making a living. We can not have a loser to make decisions for the American people. If a person can not make a living for himsel or herself, how can we trust our country, our city and our state to him or her?

His son-in-law will not take a salary and will work for you for free.

Is Trump taking a salary? We should request the billionaires to work for the American people for free.

We should get rid of salary for future presidents and Vice President. If you need the people to pay you a salary, please go find a another job.

You may not have said so, but that’s the logical conclusion of your premise.

We are supposed to turn a blind eye to the many conflicts of interests because Trump’s incorruptible. Why is he incorruptible? Because he’s rich. Therefore my question. What is the minimum net worth for such treatment? 10M is clearly not enough. The Clintons’ net worth is easily more than that and people have problems even with their charity foundation but OK with Trump’s.

Given the hyper-partisan nature of Congress I would expect some skeletons would have been shaken out if Obama is hiding anything. I am not aware of any controversy.


Its a misconception that rich don’t want to get richer . If you look at any of countries where corruption is rampant , it is actually the reverse. Their hunger for power and more money is never satisfied.


Clinton’s networth was close to zero before he became president. Their networth was also close to zero when they left White House.

Clinton is a good example that we can’t have politicians who are hungry.

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Wells Fargo. JPMorgan Chase. Fidelity Investments. Prudential PLC. Vanguard Group. These are among the major financial institutions that own business debt held by Donald Trump, according to an investigation just published by the Wall Street Journal.

While the president-elect’s finances remain murky, due largely to his refusal to release his tax returns, the newspaper reports that he owes at least hundreds of millions of dollars, that the debt is held by more than 150 institutions, and that some of it is backed by his personal guarantee. “As a result, a broader array of financial institutions now are in a potentially powerful position over the incoming president,” it states. “If the Trump businesses were to default on their debts, the giant financial institutions that serve as so-called special servicers of these loan pools would have the power to foreclose on some of Mr. Trump’s marquee properties or seek the tens of millions of dollars that Mr. Trump personally guaranteed on the loans.”

Drain the swamp!


Why is mortgage a conflict of interest? Most people have a mortgage.

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So you are saying they are not corrupt. Interesting.

What Bill does as a private citizen is not my concern.


You have a $100M mortgage?

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After bill became a private citizen, his wife was the Secretary of State and they took money from foreign governments when she was the most powerful person in world diplomacy.

So you are upset with charity foundation but OK with Trump’s 100s of millions of debt to we don’t know who. Because Trump is not releasing his tax returns. All candidates since Nixon have released their returns.

Tax returns. Why is that too much to ask?